Best use for Runespan Points in RS3


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Runespan Points are the money for the mini-game Runespan, which is one of the major methods players in Runescape may develop the Runecrafting talent.

The Master Runecrafting Outfit, Teleports to Altars, and a stacking Essence resource to generate more runes without needing to the bank are among the unlocks that boost players’ experience rates.

However, with so many possibilities, determining the best use for your points may be difficult.

Your first priority should be the Master RunecrafterRobes

The Master Runecrafter Robes, like many other skilling costumes, are required to gain the greatest experience rates for the Runecrafting Skill.

If a player has the requisite level to visit the Fishing Guild & Deep Sea Fishing platform, they can play the Runespan mini-game or purchase Unstable Essence from the Wandering Merchant.

Master Runecrafter RobesThe Master Runecrafter Robe set requires 4000 points to obtain and consists of four costume pieces, each of which grants a 1% increase in Runecrafting experience. Furthermore, donning all four components of the costume offers an extra 1% increase, for a total of 5% boost.

The 5% increase works at every site where you may practice the Runecrafting Skill, so you should think about getting it before you start training, or by unlocking it when you play the Runespan mini-game.


The ideal use for Runespan Unstable Essence

After the Master Runecrafter Robes, an excellent place to spend your extra points is on Unstable Essence, a stacking resource that allows you to craft runes at any altar.

The Unstable Essence offers the entire experience that players would typically earn from the altar where they produce the runes, making the Blood Altar the greatest spot to use them.

While the Soul Altar theoretically offers more experience per essence for standard Runecrafting Training, it only grants 5% of the experience while using Unstable Essence, rendering the approach useless to the majority of players.


Altar Teleports – Why are the Astral Altar teleports the best?

Altar Teleports are another option for spending your Runespan Points. The highest accessible teleport point is to the Blood Altar, not the Soul Altar. Contrary to popular belief, the Blood Altar Teleports are not optimum.

Runecrafting allows players to use the Demonic Skull, which costs 550,000 GP to obtain. When the Demonic Skull is donned, the player becomes skulled in the Wilderness and anybody can assault them.

In exchange for the increased danger, players gain 250 percent more experience if they have recently been through the Abyss Runecrafting location, which is located immediately north of Edgeville.

Because the Abyss Runecrafting bonus is only temporary, employing Altar teleports isn’t as effective because only one Altar teleport and resupply of Pure Essence is feasible before the buff expires.

However, owing to the Astral Altar’s teleport location’s distance from the Altar, it is possible to utilize two teleports while only passing through the Abyss Runecrafting region once per three Pure Essence inventories. That extra teleport usage boosts Astral Runes’ experience per hour to greatly outperform the Blood Runecrafting option.


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