A Noobs Guide to Runescape

Since 2001, more than 260 million RuneScape account have been created. This is a lot of people adventuring in this fantasy MMORPG. It can be intimidating for those just starting. Unless you’re a seasoned player, there is a guide that will help you.

You can create a RuneScape Account by entering your email address, birth date, and display name. You can then download the RuneScape client and log in to it. After creating a character, you will go through the tutorial, which will give you the basics of Jagex’s MMO.

What happens after you have completed the tutorial?

RuneScape is set within a vast virtual world, and it’s teeming with things to do – are you the sort of person who wants the thrill of combat? You might also like to solve puzzles, save NPCs from danger and help them out in dangerous quests. Perhaps you’d rather spend time fishing by the riverside and chat with your clan members.

We know there are many things you can do. This guide will help you get started in RuneScape. In no time, you’ll be able to find your specific corner of Gielinor.


FOLLOW THE PATHAfter completing the tutorial, you will be transported to Gielinor and put on the Path System. Both new and returning players should follow the Path System. It will guide you through many game features. These include the Daily Challenges, setting a bank pin, and other game features. Three quests will be assigned to you, which are intended to introduce the three types of combat: melee, magic, and range.

You will also receive a starter set with equipment and experience lamps from the Path System that will give you an early boost to your combat skills. You can explore the world freely after completing the path. Or, you can choose a different Path if you wish. You can learn more about the skills or encourage you to explore the game’s world.

You can disable the Path System to allow you to explore Gielinor as you wish. This is done by going to the Adventure Tab and selecting the Path option. Then click ‘Switch off Path.’ While you will lose some progress on the current task, your quest progress won’t be affected.


SET OFF ON AN ADVENTUREYour search for adventure begins off the beaten path and away from the tutorials. Quests are the best method to find it. You can view all available adventures under the Quest List tab. Click on the journal entries for equipment and skill experience to delve deeper into the details. Here you will find information about the quest’s difficulty level, requirements, recommended items, and most importantly, its rewards. It’s quite handy.

Many quests can be completed for RuneScape players at no cost. If you are looking for a furry friend, Gertrude is a good place to start. You will be rewarded with a kitten and cooking experience if you complete your quest. The One Piercing Note quest is located east of Al Kharid and offers a murder mystery for you to solve while investigating a death at the abbey.

RuneScape has a wide range of quests. There are over 220 of these blighters, some of which can keep you busy for an hour. These quests are often quite funny and reflect the smart, self-referential nature of RuneScape. You should also activate lodestones that you find on your travels while you are questing – they provide a free means of transportation.


BUILD YOUR CHARACTERAs you might expect, RuneScape is all about leveling up your skills. This unlocks new abilities and equipment as well as quests. There are 27 skills total, 17 of which are free to play. You can still learn member-only skills such as Divination, but there is a limit of 5 levels. Skills can normally be trained up to level 99. Some skills can even be extended to 120.

Although it might be tempting to concentrate on one skill, we recommend that all newcomers spread their training overall skills to ensure a well-rounded personality. You can relax and choose how much to learn. You don’t need to be concerned about classes, and you can do whatever you want.

You can learn to fish by cooking the fish that you catch. Then you have two options: sell your catch or keep it for long battles (no weapons, but you can eat them to recover health).

Lumbridge Catacombs, if you prefer to concentrate on combat, is the best dungeon. However, you will need to complete the Blood Pact quest, which Xenia can arrange at Lumbridge Cemetery. You can also collect statues from the tombs while you are working in the catacombs. These statues can then be sold for profit.

While doing all this, make sure to set yourself a level and XP goal by right-clicking on the skill tab.

Get a Handle on Combat

Jagex released Evolution of Combat in 2012, which fundamentally changed the way you fight in MMOs. The update added ranged weapons and dual-wielding to the game, as well as magical abilities. Legacy Mode allows players who prefer the old-style combat to continue fighting. It simplifies combat to special attacks and auto-attacks.

When creating your character, you will be asked if RuneScape has been played before. If you select ‘Never played,’ you will have defaulted into Legacy Mode. However, it is worth switching to EoC combat as soon you feel comfortable. Lumbridge Catacomb is a safe place for practice and bravery.


Joining a clan is a great way to get involved in RuneScape’s social side. The best way to do this is to head over to the RuneScape forums, where several boards are dedicated to clans. You can create a thread about yourself and the type of clan you are looking for. You can search on your own by creating five boards. These boards are for players who have less than 100 combat points, players with over 100 combat points, skilling clans, and social clans. You’ll soon find new friends as you take your time in finding the right clan.

The RuneScape Wiki has all the RuneScape knowledge you need if you get stuck on a particular quest or skill. It would help if you considered upgrading to a membership (you have the option to test it with the RuneScape Twitch Prim bundle), so you can access the entire range of skills, quests, and abilities. Best of luck with your adventures!



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