Sense 3D Scanner Review

With so many different options available to pick and choose from, landing on the perfect 3-D scanner is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward a process as a lot of folks believe it to be.

3-D printing technology is becoming almost as ubiquitous as traditional printers these days, and the prices on these transformative pieces of tech have never been lower.

More and more people are getting into 3-D printing, and most folks are looking for a ssimpleway to effortlessly render new objects to print on their new devices.

That’s where the Sense 3D Scanner comes into play!

Far and away one of the easiest to use of all the 3-D scanner options out there, this handheld unit gives you everything you need to produce lightning-fast and incredibly accurate scans of ANY 3-D object – regardless of its size or shape.

This is a handheld dream scanner, and though there are some shortcomings to this device most would agree that it’s one of those “must-have” units. You’re going to fall in love with everything that the Sense 3D Scanner has to offer!



The very first thing you will notice about the Sense 3D Scanner is that it has been designed to be as lightweight, as compact, and as usable as possible right out of the box.

Unlike a lot of other portable scanners out there that force you to have to keep a very specific distance from the object you are scanning or the entire project falls apart, the intelligent sensors in the Sense 3D Scanner allow you to have some deviation – making for a much more organic and natural 3-D scan that comes out picture-perfect every time. 3-D scanning has never been this easy!

Combine that with advanced rendering technology and 3-D renders that can be used with any software available – or ported directly over to your printer for immediate production – and you are looking at something truly special here.



The heartbeat of every 3-D scanner is the scanner sensor itself, the component that pulls in light, measures your dimensions down to a very specific degree of definition, and then uses those components to produce the 3-D rrenderingthat you are capturing.

Devices today are taking advantage of dual scanner technology now more than ever before, and the Sense 3D Scanner is one of them. This dual scanner technology allows you to reproduce much faster renders, but also allows you to produce renders that are also a lot more accurate.

Both of these sensors take advantage of structured light (capturing the light reflected off of objects to make data points during the scan), and while this isn’t quite as accurate as laser sensors it helps keep the price of the Sense 3D Scanner down without sacrificing quality too much.



If portability is essential for you and your 3-D production process, you are going to fall head over heels in love with everything that the Sense 3D Scanner has to offer.

Ridiculously lightweight (weighing in at less than half a pound) this is one of the most portable handheld 3-D scanners your ever going to come across without sacrificing performance along the way.

Because it can be used without having to be connected to your computer or your printer – thanks to the built-in microSD card storage features – you can take this scanner and only the scanner with you when you need to make render and then input the data later down the line when you are ready for production.

Portability has to be the biggest selling point when it comes to the Sense 3D Scanner. Most other options on the market today tie you to your printer, large format scanners, or cords – this scanner doesn’t do any of those things!


Special Features

Aside from the dual scanners that the Sense 3D Scanner makes you sound, the other special features that help this scanner to separate itself from the rest of the pack include the advanced rendering software available, the ability to effortlessly scan and render 3-D objects of any size or shape, and the usefulness in being able to import all of these scams into literally ANY available software on the market today or tomorrow, for that matter.

You really won’t be able to find a scanner that is even close to as complete or as flexible as this one, especially when you add in the portability of the Sense 3D Scanner.



As far as handheld 3-D scanners are concerned, there’s a lot to rove and appreciate in regards to this particular unit.

Right out of the gate it works, not requiring you to fiddle around with any convoluted settings or to tinker with sset-upprograms like so many other solutions. The handheld design is comfortable in any position, and its ambidextrous operation makes it a real contender for those that are right or left-hand dominant.

The software included is feature-rich, but the real shining star of this unit is the fact that it can be used with ANY 3-D rendering software available on the market. This device is a stud through and through!



The company that produces the Sense 3D Scanner isn’t the most well-known company in the space, and there are some complaints about the customer service department leaving some customers in the lurch when it comes to getting their questions answered or their concerns relieved.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable, but also understandable in this particular situation. This company has released what may be the most exciting handheld scanner in the industry and they are undoubtedly inundated with customer service and purchasing questions daily.


Final Verdict

All things considered, we feel that the Sense 3D Scanner is a worthy addition to anyone’s 3-D printing setup.

If you want to be sure that you are getting the most “bang for your buck” out of this particular device, and that you are maximizing everything that your 3-D printer has to offer while streamlining your render and production process, the Sense 3D Scanner is a piece of technology that you are going to want to look much closer at.



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