prusa i3 mk2s review

Today we will be reviewing a 3D printer that is often copied but never beat. We’re talking, of course, about the Prusa i3 MK2. Before we get started, please be aware that Prusa is the only authorized seller of this product.

This printer is an entry-level model. Although it is an entry-level printer, the $600 price tag would indicate otherwise. This is a very expensive unit. A pre-built version can be purchased for $200 more. So what makes this 3D printer so highly recommended?

Before we go on, let us tell you that the title was a joke. This 3D printer is well worth the investment!

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Prusa 3d printer Advanced Features Abound

Prusa 3d printer Advanced Features AboundThe i3 MK2 eliminates the need to set up a print. What does this mean? The basic idea is that filament sticks to cold surfaces, so this feature keeps the bed at a constant temperature. This is not bad, but there are more.

Before you can even begin printing, you have to calibrate the nozzle. The automatic calibration tools make it easy to save time. You can adjust things such as the Z-step distance, even if they aren’t perfect.

While most 3D printers require manual adjustments to make the print surface flat, this one does it automatically. The open area is larger than others, with 10,500cm 3 of space to work with.

Prusa 3d printer Technical Specifications

  • Build volume: 25×21×21 cm (9.84″×8.3″×8.3″)
  • Layer height: 0.05 – 0.35 mm
  • Nozzle: 0.4mm default, a wide range of other diameters/nozzles supported
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Supported materials: Wide range of thermoplastics, including PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, PC (Polycarbonate), CPE, PVA/BVOH, PVB, HIPS, PP (Polypropylene), Flex, nGen, Nylon, Carbon filled, Woodfill and other filled materials.
  • Max travel speed: 200+ mm/s
  • Max nozzle temperature: 300 °C / 572 °F
  • Max heatbed temperature: 120 °C / 248 °F
  • Extruder: Direct Drive, Bondtech gears, E3D V6 hotend
  • Print surface: Removable magnetic steel sheets with different surface finishes, heated with cold corners compensation
  • Safety features: IR filament sensor, high-quality Delta PSU with Power Panic, 3 thermistors, RPM monitoring
  • LCD Screen: Monochromatic LCD
  • Kit box shipping dimensions: 9 kg (volumetric weight), 24×42×43 cm; 9.5×16.5×16.9 in (X×Y×Z)
  • Assembled printer box shipping dimensions: 27 kg (volumetric weight), 54×52×48 cm; 21×20.5×18.9 in (X×Y×Z)
  • Printer dimensions (without spool): 7 kg, 50×55×40 cm; 19.6×21.6×15.7 in (X×Y×Z)
  • Power consumption: PLA settings: 80W / ABS settings: 120W

Prusa 3d printer Advanced Features AboundThe Prusa i3 MK2 has an LCD, SD card reader, and controller. To get you started, an 8GB SD card comes with the Prusa i3 MK2. However, if you are a frequent user, you will likely need to upgrade it in the future.

The printer uses modern technology at the forefront of printing to keep it as quiet as possible. This is similar to moderate rainfall noise.Prusa 3d printer Advanced Features Abound

Open-source means that you can use any hardware and software with this printer. The included nozzle measures 0.4mm and can be replaced. This nozzle is compatible with standard 1.75mm filament.

The MK2 can print with the usual suspects: PLA, ABS, and PET, but also supports HIPS, Flex PP, Ninjaflex, Laywood, Laybrick, nylon, Bamboofill, Bronzefill, ASA, T-Glass, carbon fiber, and polycarbonate filaments.

This printer is extremely versatile for its price. You will receive a single 2lb silver PLA spool so that you can get started quickly.

Are You Having Trouble with Prusa i3 mk2?

They’re a common sight: instructions that look like it’s been translated from Chinese to English. These instructions are almost ineffective and, unfortunately, too common. Prusa, on the other hand, provides detailed instructions with clear, illustrated directions for setting up your 3D printer.

You can call, email, or use the live chat to get help. You can call, email or use live chat to reach someone who is qualified. The only problem is that your warranty does not cover the entire unit if you do not buy the pre-built model.


Overall, the Prusa i3 MK2 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into 3D printing. Although it is more expensive than other 3D printers, the time it saves you in setup and before printing will be well worth it. You have endless growth potential with a wide range of support materials.

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prusa i3 mk2 Bottom line

For those who are interested in 3D printing, the Prusa MK2 3D printer is a great choice. This printer is best suited for beginners because it is easy to use yet has advanced features.

The Prusa MK2 3D printer is a great choice. Although it is more expensive than other 3D printers, the time it saves you in setup and before printing will be well worth it. You have endless growth potential with a wide range of support materials.



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