New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer Review

3D printers are not something that you can only find in science fiction movies anymore. Thanks to technology now you can print 3D objects right inside your classroom or from the comfort of your home.

From keepsake figurines to fridge magnets to even customized jewelry, you can print almost anything that you can imagine.

All you need is a 3D printer, some printing filament and a slicing software which will convert the 3D object into easily printable layers.

So if you are looking to buy yourself a 3D printer that is simple to use, then the New Matter Mod-t 3D printer might be your best bet. It has a minimal yet an attractive design that will capture anyone’s attention easily. What’s even better? It is a pocket-friendly printer that is great for beginners and is reliable enough to be a great addition to any home or classroom. Read on to find out what else this little desktop miracle can do as we tease out its features in this review.

Best features

Let us see the best features of the Mod-t in a quick list before we get into the finer details.

  • High quality and consistent prints with a print resolution of 50 microns
  • An attractive and a simple design
  • Wi-Fi enabled for untethered printing from computers and smart devices
  • Quiet operation and a safety glass cover for protection
  • Uses eco-friendly PLA filament as its printing material

New Matter Mod-t 3D printer review

1. Print quality

This printer will spew out high-quality prints as it comes with a print resolution of 50 microns. The print surface is reasonably smooth and so are the details. The self-leveling bed ensures that there are no adjustments required from your side to keep the print bed leveled.

2. Build volume

For a desktop model that is so compact, the build volume is exceptionally good. You can print objects that are large as 6 x 4 x 5 inches. This is on par with some of the high-end 3D printers. What’s even better, you can even make much larger objects by printing multiple parts and piecing them together.

3. Design

The design of the printer is very simple yet elegant. The glass enclosure allows you to watch your designs come alive as they get printed.The white base has been designed to fit in all the wires and belts for a clean look. The best feature of the print bed is that you can simply lift it out and remove your prints easily, as the print bed is not fixed to anything.

This is especially useful when printing large objects. Instead of trying to scrape out your prints, you can simply flex the print bed and remove your prints. The print bed has teeth on them and sits on two rods that have grooves on them. Due to this unique design, the entire print bed moves back and forth and left and right instead of the print head moving.

4. Wi-Fi enabled

When you thought untethered printing using USB ports was really hassle-free then think again. The Mod-t comes Wi-Fi enabled which means you can send your printing files directly to the printer over Wi-Fi. It also comes with an easy-to-use web interface.You can upload your models to the interface or choose from the gallery. The web interface not only allows you to send files from your computer, you can also send them directly from your smart devices.

5. Printing filament

The print material is a 1.75mm PLA (Polylactic acid) filament. Though no other filament types can be used in this printer, you can use other low-cost filaments which will save you money in the long run. The PLA filament also comes in a variety of colors that you will be spoilt for choice.

6. Assembly and the web interface

Being a beginner-friendly model, the Mod-t comes fully pre-assembled and you can print right out of the box. It does not require a computer for running the printing software but uses a web interface using which you can send your print files over Wi-Fi.
The web interface is very user-friendly and all you need to do to start printing is upload your model to the library. Once the print button is clicked the details are transferred to the printer and you won’t need the internet connection after that. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

7. Size

The Mod-t is a really compact model with a very small footprint and can comfortably fit into a small space on your desktop.Its dimensions are 17 x 20 x 19 inches.

8. Warranty

The printer comes with a 90-day warranty for parts giving you total peace of mind in case something goes wrong.


  • Quality prints – The Mod-t gives you really good quality prints for an entry-level printer.
  • Quiet – Print all your projects minus the sound as the printer has a very quiet operation.
  • Easy set-up– Setting up your printer can be done in a matter of minutes and you can start printing in no time.
  • Safe – The clear cover acts as a barrier keeping curious children from touching the hot parts.
  • Attractive design – A see-through design with a simple minimalist design is not only attractive but easily blends into any place.
  • Cost-effective – Not only is the Mod-t extremely affordable it also can be used with low-cost filaments and cartridges saving you money in the long run.


  • PLA-only printer – You can only use PLA filaments for printing and it cannot be used for printing with filaments like ABS.
  • Internet required – Due to the Wi-Fi feature, you can print only in the presence of an active internet connection.
  • Slow speed – The print speed is not comparable to other printers in the segment and so your print projects can take a relatively longer time to finish.


Final words

You can easily find good-looking and cheap 3D printers on the market.Some of them may be aesthetically appealing, but most cheap printers fail after just a few uses. When you are completely new to 3D printing it is quite tempting to buy cheap 3 D printers. But now you can buy a really good printer when you spend just a little more. We hope this review has helped you understand the capabilities of the Mod-t and see if it fits your bill.

The mod-T is an extremely cost-effective 3D printer that is perfect for professionals, students and hobbyists alike. With a see-through design, low-cost replacement filaments and Wi-Fi features its price is almost a steal. It can guarantee you hours and hours of 3D printing fun.Go make one yours!



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