Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer Review

If you want to try out a 3D printer and you’re not interested in spending a lot of money to do so, you should know that an affordable 3D printer is out there. It’s called the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer and it retails for an amazingly low price.

This desktop design is fun to use and it’ll give you the power to create, via its wide array of practical features.

Today, we’d like to share some interesting information about this innovative printer’s features and benefits. To wrap things up, we’ll also let you know what real-life customers have to say about this model…


What Features Does It Have?

This 3D printer may be used with every filament type, so it’s very versatile. It comes with a build plate that is heated, as well as an assortment of extruder temperature options. When you choose this affordable design, you’ll be able to use ABS, PLA, and basic filaments, or opt for more sophisticated materials, including metal composites, dissolvable PVAs, wood, and conductive PLA.


As well, since this design has such a compact “footprint”, you’ll find that it sits nicely on a desktop or average size. It’s an attractive printer with an open-frame design which will grant you a clear view of printing while it’s happening. While its overall look is a bit bare bones, you are accessing a very affordable 3D printer when you choose the Monoprice Select. So, you won’t be getting every bell and whistle that you’d get with a printer that costs thousands of dollars.


Enjoy Plug and Play Performance

Many 3D printers require a great deal of assembly to function effectively. This one is shipped out in a fully-assembled state, which means that you’ll be able to get it going shortly after you take it out of the box. This 3D printer was calibrated at the factory, so you won’t have to do the calibration yourself unless you wish to adjust a setting before you print for the first time.

As well, you should know that this cool and ultra-modern 3D printer includes a sample of the filament of the PLA type and that it has a pre-installed MicroSD card.

Also, this design features a cooling fan for the build plate nozzle. The build plate is crafted from heated aluminum. The kit that you’ll receive when you order will include a MicroSD card, as well as a Micro USB card. As well, it includes pre-loaded model files. This 3D printer works with PCs and Macs and it’s compatible with a range of popular software, such as the Repetier and Cura programs.

Now, let’s summarize what will come with your printer when you purchase it online. You’ll receive the MP Select Mini 3D printer, as well as a rack for filament, an adapter of AC type, a power cord (AC), a cable of the Micro SD type, a Micro SD card, a bed scraper made of plastic and a hex wrench for bed leveling.


This Model Comes With a Warranty

This 3D printer comes with a one-year warranty for replacement. There is also a thirty-day, money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product for any reason, just send it back and the company will provide you with a complete refund. Some conditions do apply.


Technical Support is Available

This rugged 3D printer is built to last and it undergoes a stringent quality control process before being shipped out to the end user. Since the company cares, you’ll find that this budget-priced 3D printer is fairly priced in light of its excellent quality.

As well, technical support will be yours for the asking. Monoprice employs a large group of helpful tech wizards who are standing by to offer assistance when it’s needed. Contact them before you buy or after to get all of your questions answered.


Pros and Cons of Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

Even the highest-priced 3D printers aren’t perfect. Almost every 3D printer gets some bad reviews. In general, this model has more pros than cons.

Pros of this model include plug-and-play performance, durable, sturdy construction, and many options for materials. Some cheaper models only take one type of filament. This one offers a host of material options, which means that you’ll be able to experiment to get different effects.

As well, it’s got a cooling fan which keeps the build plate from overheating, as well as a compact footprint which makes it simple to put this printer on desks or tables.

In terms of drawbacks, one customer complained that it froze a lot and gave it a one-star review. This isn’t a standard complaint. We checked other reviews and most were very positive. Some people felt that the amount of sample filament which was included was woefully inadequate. It wasn’t enough to make the sample design that the company recommends for the first printing. So, be sure to order some extra filament when you purchase this 3D printer. Then, you won’t be disappointed.

Most people find this 3D printer fun to use. It’s not as complicated as many printers of this type and this is something that most users appreciate. They want a 3D printer that they can understand!


Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer Right for You?

If you want quality without compromise and you prefer to spend less, you may want to give this 3D printer a try. It’s a best-seller for a reason.

Since it makes so many other buyers happy, you’ll probably have a good experience, too. As well, you’ll have thirty days to return it if you aren’t completely satisfied with it. So, why not order it today?



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