MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer Review

Do you want a 3D Printer cheaper than this? You’ll find what you are looking for in this article Affordable 3D Printer.

Discover the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer

If you’re interested in owning a desktop-style 3D printer that will allow you to create interesting three-dimensional projects from heated, extruded plastic threads, you’ll enjoy learning about the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer.

This design is an updated version of the M2, which went on the market back in 2012. The newest M2 has a host of upgraded features which are designed to give M2 owners, even more, user-friendliness and plenty of terrific performance options. The version we’re talking about today is the 5th generation and it’s the best version yet.

For example, the new version, which is known as the M2 Revision E, features a four-point system for leveling, as well as sturdy metal components, rather than plastic components. As well, it comes with software (Quick Start) and a video that functions as an easy-to-understand tutorial.

In addition, this 3D printer has a User Guide which has been updated to help owners get more enjoyment from their “5th gen” M2 3D printers.

Product Specifications for This Model

This unit has a printable area that measures eight inches by ten inches by eight inches, so it’s just the right size for lots of projects. As well, the entire unit will fit nicely on any standard-sized desktop. Also, it is a solid and durable machine that weighs in at twenty-six and a half pounds.

In terms of materials, you may use ABS, HIPS, TPU (this filament is flexible), ABS, or PLA to create three-dimensional items. Also, you’ll be able to use a range of composites or Polycarbonates.

Learn the Difference Between ABS vs PLA Filament.

This 3D printer features a resolution of fifty microns to one-quarter of a micron, with a nozzle that measures .35 millimeters. Its travel speed is eighty to two hundred millimeters per second, which ensures superior print quality. It will process at four hundred and fifty millimeters per second. The hot end of this device runs at three hundred degrees Celsius. The hot end may be replaced or swapped when it’s needed or wanted.

This unit features a print bed that is made from Borosilicate glass. The print bed may be replaced and it’s laminated. The printer’s build platform runs at temperatures of one hundred and ten Celsius and higher.

As well, this machine has an AC input which is electrical and features a voltage of one hundred to one hundred and twenty. Its software is designed to work with a variety of software, including open-source and commercial programs for slicing, printer control, and modeling.

Lots of software for Linux, Mac, and Windows software is compatible with the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer. However, the company recommends Simplify3D for usage with this design.

MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is Affordable?

Most people who buy this model find that it delivers exceptional performance for well under 2k, so it does provide exceptional value for the money. As well, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s made in the USA, in a manufacturing facility in Beachwood, Ohio.

It’s affordable for most. It’s more affordable than a lot of 3D printers. However, it and other 3D printers of its caliber may be out of reach to some consumers. While it’s an investment, it offers “out of the box” performance and it’s very well-made. It’s overall ranking among the world’s online retailers is extremely high. It gets tons of five-star reviews. The happy customers who left these reviews believe in this 3D printer and feel that it’s fairly priced.

Pros and Cons of This Design

Many people who buy it find that this 3D printer is easier to use than comparable models. Also, they find that their prints look just as good as prints that they’ve made with models that cost far more.

Since it is comparatively easy to use and produces great prints, it’s a 3D printer with all of the bells and whistles. For example, if you’ve tried other 3D printers and had trouble learning how to use them, you may discover that this model is much simpler to understand and enjoy.

Lots of reviews from real-life M2 owners indicate that they’ve had a better experience with this particular printer than they have with other 3D printers that they’ve used.

Also, this machine is rock-solid in terms of being well-constructed. It has metal parts that are built to last. If you want a 3D printer that is designed to perform well over the long haul, you should consider buying this one. Some other models have a lot of plastic or composite parts which just aren’t as rugged.

In terms of cons, the nozzle may jam now and then, but this is something that’s going to happen with any 3D printer. It’s annoying but fixable and it shouldn’t happen too often. Occasionally, you may have a print that doesn’t come out properly. Again, this will happen with any 3D printer.

The cons are few and the cons are not exclusive to this unit. They are common problems with all 3D printers. One review did complain about subpar technical support. However, others found that the technical support was great. There was only one complaint about it across hundreds of reviews.

Is This Model Right for You?

3D printers are fascinating examples of modern technology. This desktop printer is no exception. If you’d like to make 3D designs that are created layer upon layer from extruded threads, we recommend this model. It’s loaded with features, has a competitive price point, and makes the vast majority of customers happy. After you’ve tried it, you may find that doing 3D printing becomes your favorite pastime.

Since it’s very easy for new users to set up and use, and since it comes from a company with a strong and positive reputation, you’ll find that this design is a great investment. It will spark your creativity and allow you to develop new software skills. It’s such a great 3D printer for the price.



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