HICTOP Prusa I3 3D Desktop Printer Review

3D printing technology was once simply a concept. But now as if straightly out of a science fiction movie we now have this technology creating a giant ripple. There are several types of 3D printers available now in the market. There are small portable ones and then there are desktop models. Check HICTOP Prusa I3 3D Desktop Printer Price at Amazon.

So how do you choose a 3D printer?

This question can be answered based on what type of 3D printer user you are. If you are simply a hobbyist then a basic level printer would suffice. This would be a 3D printer that is easy to use and takes less space too. For those who are hardcore into exploring 3D printing, every type of 3D printer might be fascinating. There are also DIY kits to assemble a setup yourself. One other common application is education. For the classrooms when you are choosing a 3D printer, you might need a larger desktop version. You might also need a product that is durable and reliable. This is because this printer would be used very often.

There you are, confused again as you see so many different sizes and shapes of 3D printers available in the market. If you are looking to explore 3D printing, if you wish to DIY a bit here is a product that you might like. This one is also reasonably priced. We are talking about the HICTOP Prusa I3 3D Desktop Printer.

HICTOP Prusa I3 3D Desktop Printer

This one is not for the hobbyists because this is some serious stuff. This can come in handy in classrooms and tech enthusiasts might like the performance of this 3D printer. DIY is a trend. People wish to create things themselves and this is one of the main things that makes this printer special as well. It comes in an easy to assemble kit that consists of all required components to set up the 3D printer.

Basic product features:

  • One main aspect you would like about the product is that it supports a variety of filaments including ABS, nylon, HIPS, wood, and others besides PLA. This is one feature that sets it apart from other printers in the segment. The product has also been popular for its reliability in delivering consistent print quality. This is mainly because of the high-quality parts that go in.
  • It comes with remarkable accuracy in XY and Z axis positioning which are 0.011mm and 0.004mm respectively. The printing speed of the 3D printer is 30 to 90mm per second.
  • Software and firmware details- the control board comes with Marlin firmware and the open source software included is Repetier-Host, Cura
  • Temperature ratings of the device:
    • For ABS filament, the extruder temperature is 240 and that of the hotbed is 110.
    • For PLA filament, the extruder temperature is 210 and that of the hotbed is 50.
  • The device measures 16.9”x19.9”x15.0” and weighs 8kg. It comes as an easy to assemble kit.
  • Control board: The impressive performance of the device is mainly due to the control board that consists of ATmega2560. There is also RAMPS 1.4 incorporated. The control board comes with the option to support 2 extruders. This board itself can be easily upgraded. And as the design comes with easy to assemble set up, upgrading the system is also pretty simple.
  • The input power ratings are 24V/15A. The T screw rods included in the kit as well as the X-axis holders are new and improved designs. These together constitute the high-performance printing.

The good things you would like about the printer:

  • The printing volume is pretty big. Unlike most printers in the segment, you do not have to struggle with smaller print outputs anymore. The print output volume can go up to 10.6”x8.3”x7.4”. This is one other factor that makes this printer a great choice for classrooms.
  • The T screw rods which are included are known for their durability. These operate without bending and thus ensure the stability of the printer. This, in turn, is responsible for the accuracy of the print output. All the other components included in the kit are also made of highly durable materials. This makes this printer on the whole a long-term investment worth the price spent.
  • If you are looking to upgrade the kit and include auto-leveling options or connect dual extruders and make it a 2 in 1 model, you can do all of those. The control board included supports all of these and you could simply add all the features you want without any hassle. The Open source software of the equipment also makes this easy.
  • The kit, on the whole, comes after stringent tests. Every product ordered would have all the major components thoroughly tested. This is how you can be sure that the hotbed, control board, power supply unit and the LCD are all in impeccable condition.

What you might not like about the product:

  • Though the product is sturdy on the whole, the smaller acrylic components in the kit might appear a bit weaker. There are some who find the parts warp easily.
  • Though the control board and the supporting software is pretty simple to set up and upgrade, it is not a very common one. It would take a bit of work to start understanding and mastering the control.
  • The kit is pretty simple to use. But for the absolute beginners, it might not be a very easy task to assemble the kit. There are assembly instructions that come in the package. But these might appear a bit insufficient for the beginners in particular.


The verdict:

If you are looking to assemble a 3D printer yourself this one definitely can make a good choice especially with its reasonable price tag. But doing a bit of research and understanding similar printers would help you understand the basic assembly. This would also help understand the operation and ways to upgrade the system. You have the option to use many other filaments besides PLA. So you can create a wide variety of objects that are large too!



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