Handheld 3d Scanner High Speed Scanning Review

Take a look at the latest new generation Handheld 3D Scanners which are applauded and appreciated for their high-speed scanning and have been optimized and revolutionized with state-of-the-art technology to meet the requirements of present-day product development needs and also highly specialized engineering professionals.

This High-speed 3D scanner is meant to acquire and analyze 3D measurements of real objects in the most efficient, accurate, and reliable manner. These high-resolution scanners are extremely convenient to use and can capture the exact size, details, and color of any object in the real world.

The collected data is used for several applications in research and design as well as in the field of engineering, industrial design, prototyping, orthotics and prosthetics, quality control, and many other fields. It is also extensively used in the entertainment industry during the production of movies and the development of multi-media games.

It is also much used by computer graphics professionals and those professionals who deal in creating special effects in video games, presentations, and the development of various apps.

Different technologies are used to construct this 3D–scanning device which is useful in capturing several 3D bright colors.  

Salient Features

  1. This handheld scanner is a simple, portable, and sleek-looking 3D scanner Its purpose is to allow easy scanning of objects in the real world that may be unusual in appearance like being deformed, out of shape, or even soft.
  2. Its accuracy is perfect and its resolution, amazing. This attracts many customers as proper accuracy is needed in every field of 3D scanners. It lasts much longer than other products due to its fine quality.
  3. It has a wide field angle of 58.5,50,75 (H, V, D) X/y.
  4. Its Depth precision is 400mm: 0.3mm, 500mm: 0.8mm, 1200mm: 3mm.
  5. It has a printing interface of USB 2.0 and color data 640×480(VGA) with a color frame rate of 30 FPS.
  6. Its precision is 400mm: 0.3mm, 500mm: 0.6mm, 1200mm: 1mm along with its Data Layout being 16bit Max and Power being 2.25W pixel: 1.3million.
  7. It can produce 3D data while high-speed scanning simultaneously. Its efficiency is around 10 more times than normal scanners, 600,000 points per second. It also has a large working range compared to normal scanners.
  8. It can ignore interference from bright light, shiny surfaces, and fabric by its anti-interference capability. Collages can also be formed automatically upon scanning without using an auxiliary joining device.
  9. Many 3D scanners ask for marked points on the surface for scanning an object. The Handheld 3D scanner looks past the unnecessary marking of points on the surface of an object while scanning it because its software makes a 3D model by splitting the surface by using the geometric feature.
  10. It can scan moving objects as well in addition to immovable ones. This is because its scanner and camera work alongside each other and thus make the process simultaneous. It scans moving objects with full color and precision.
  11. Its 24-bit color makes it very attractive. It hence can scan anything without the loss of quality of color.



Accurate – Its accuracy is one of the finest to be found in any 3D scanner let alone a normal one. It can be precise in its scanning due to its high range of precision and depth precision. This makes the entire product much more appealing.

Portability – It is very easy to carry and it can be used anywhere. You can scan movable as well as immovable objects without loss of color or lagging of human movements. Facial expressions can also be well scanned by the Handheld 3D scanner.

Anti-Interference Capabilities – This is a very important and useful Pro of product. Normally what happens is that many outside influences interfere with the quality of the scanning and tamper with it thus reducing its original quality and efficiency. However, any interference with heavy light or hair or shiny surfaces including fabrics and reflectors is completely ignored and bypassed by this scanner. Thus the quality of the picture and its color quality remains unaffected.

Scan – Processing Time – Another one of its amazing uses is that its scanner and camera work simultaneously thus providing the 3D data as soon as it’s scanned. It can also automatically make an auto collage without an auxiliary joining device.

High Speed – Its speed is around 10 times more compared to normal or other 3D scanners. It works at 600,000 points per second with clear-cut precision which is considered to be very fast.

Time-saving – For many in the field of construction and design this product helps in the conservation of time as it captures multi-dimensional models of objects within a matter of few seconds. Once the required data is collected it can be stored for reference at a later time.



Initial high investment – The initial investment requirement for incorporating the technology requires a relatively high investment.

Buying new software – Exclusive software needs to be purchased which has to be dedicated to compiling the collected data and storing it effectively and efficiently.

High-end Hardware – For processing the collected data, high-end hardware needs to be acquired, which may add to the final cost of the end product.



Sunray Technologies co. Ltd Handheld 3DScanner High-Speed Scanning is a fairly good and reliable scanner with 3 cameras. The middle one is the main Red Green Blue (RGB Camera) whose main purpose is to capture the picture by sensing, representing, and displaying the image.

The other two cameras on either side are depth sensor cameras. The camera on the right is the infrared receiver and the camera on the left is the infrared emitter. As 3 D scanner is the need of the hour in various industries, this model is a fairly economical and handy choice with more pros than cons. It is highly convenient to hold and use and the portability factor is the one that gets it the maximum points.

A good Handheld 3 d scanner should be accurate, should have a high speed with good resolution, and should not break the bank and fit in a normal budget too. Since Sunday Technologies Handheld 3D Scanner-High Speed Scanning fulfills nearly all these specifications very well. it is a highly recommended product for all those professionals in the industry who find extensive use for it to capture objects in a three-dimensional capacity.



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