QIDI TECH X-Max 3D Printer Review (QDMAX201905)

If you have a smaller printer and are looking to upgrade to a larger one – look no further. The QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer would be great for both a hobbyist or an industrial businessman.

I’ll start by saying that my first printer was a Qidi Tech One. It is a great first printer for the size, functionality, and priced well below its counterparts – especially with the upgrades they have put into the x-one and the x-pro versions.

Their design team has talked to and worked with people in the 3d printing community to improve their machines.

QIDI TECH X-Max 3D Printer Review

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The X-max is the most recent release from Qidi Tech’s X-series of printers. It is also the largest – the machine itself is approximately 575mm long, 550mm tall (without the hood – the hood adds another 175mm), and 500mm deep. The build size is a whopping 300mm x 250mm x 300mm.

Check QIDI TECH X-Max Price

QIDI TECH X-Max test

Check QIDI TECH X-Max Price

Do you want to print full-sized masks or helmets? Cause you can print full-sized masks and helmets (within reason… looking at you Rick Sanchez mask…) I have printed around 70hrs of prints so far and had no issues. The spool of plastic it comes with is good quality and consistency. It was packaged VERY well and was printing in less than 30mins.

QIDI TECH X-Max test


-the printer is enclosed for the trickier plastics, but the hood and door can be left off for PLA (they are also snap on with magnets which keeps them in place)
-removable magnetic build plate (this is maybe my favorite feature – I had modded my previous printer with one – it allows easy removal of prints, and they provide an extra plate)
-the coating they put on the build plate is fantastic – I have not needed to use glue or other methods to get my PLA prints to stick
-reinforced cables
-leveling is more straightforward than their previous models (turn knobs instead of wingnuts, fast-leveling option, and it positions the nozzle over each point on its own)
-the air filter on the back wall of the print chamber (great addition from previous models)
-pause functionality if you want to switch plastic or lose power, as well as automatic shut off option after a print is finished
-big print size
-the build quality of the machine itself is sturdy and polished. But not too heavy (it’s still pretty heavy so make sure you lift with a buddy)
-dual z-axis on either side – instead of one in the back – provides more stability for the build platform
-comes with a cute Lil toolkit, an extra extruder, and an additional removable build plate
-the touchscreen has six language options
-spool rod at the top makes it easier to switch out spools than other models
-this is one of the quietest printers I have ever used; I could sleep through it if it weren’t for the lights
-Qidi Tech customer service is fantastic – they always respond very quickly and help you figure out issues or send replacement parts (remember, they are in China, so a phone call may not be possible)
-price – for an enclosed printer that has the capabilities this one does, this is a lot of bang for your buck

qidi tech 3d printer

QIDI TECH X-Max tests


-unable to turn the internal light off.
-the touchscreen user interface takes a little bit of getting used to – some of the buttons are still in Chinese characters, and the buttons aren’t always as intuitive as they would seem – the instruction manual gets you through the basics though.
-the instruction manual is okay, but not significant (again language translation issues).
-it appears as though it has the capability to hold a spool inside the machine using an additional plastic cylinder that screws into the back wall inside the print chamber instead of on top with the spool rod. However, there is no mention of it in the manual, and it seems like the filament would get caught on other internal structures as it was printing.


Functions I have not tested yet:
-the Qidi slicing software – to my understanding, it’s Cura and has the bonus of providing a “preview” of the print on the touchscreen.
-wifi or ethernet printing, the USB works just fine for me
-printing with TPU, PETG, or other specialty filaments (plans for the future though).

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Even with the cons, if you have experience in 3d printing (or also if you don’t), those are small fish compared to what you are getting with this printer for the price. I still give it five stars, and I cannot recommend this printer highly enough for enthusiasts or businesses. If you’ve got the money for it, do it.



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