4 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 10:10 – The Meaning of 10:10

We are so good at giving meanings about the hidden messages of what we frequently see, particularly the 10:10 numbers. Sometimes those perceptions are becoming true or nothing happens. We’ll make things clear about the meaning of 10:10 in this post.

Do you feel curious seeing a number sequence in everywhere you go?


4 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 10:10 – The Meaning of 10:10

We can say that each one of us has experienced seeing repeating numbers whether in a dream, clocks or price tags. It grabs our attention. This makes us articulate things beyond our capabilities which bring us confusions. You are not alone in this battle and there’s nothing to fear. 

The explanations might be beyond our knowing but we can break it down to be easily understood. Just let the Higher Realms tell you about the real meaning of 1010 that makes us all curious.

The Angel’s Point Of View

angels point of view 1010Angels will explain to us what we don’t have any idea at all. At the end of the day, these confusions will turn into good news. But, always remember that our destiny doesn’t fully depend on the numbers we saw but only to the All-Knowing. 

Angels do believe that the universe is formed by what more than human minds could perceive. It could be through astrology or sacred geometry. That’s why numbers have significance in our daily lives. They see codes or meanings in it that pertains to our higher consciousness, including the heart, mind, and everything in us. 

Many references are talking about this topic, predominantly a number sequence. According to the angels, the general meaning of 1010 is a promise as in the bible it pertains to Alpha and Omega. It is all about starting over again despite the mistakes done in the past. So, there’s really nothing to worry about this number sequence.



THE 4 MAIN MEANINGS OF 10:10: WHY YOU ARE SEEING 10:10?Below are the deeper thoughts about the meaning of 1010. Take a deep breath and get ready to receive whatever the interpretations are. Rest assured, the details are well-researched and reviewed. To get things started, here are 4 reasons why you are seeing 1010 everywhere:

Meaning #1 of 1010: Everything Works Out For Your Good 

The numbers 1 and 0 have different meanings. Number 1 means beginning, starting, opening, and everything else that is towards freshness. The book of truth says number 1 stands for Alpha or the beginning. In contrast, number 0 is a sign of the unknown, uncertainty, or an ending. This shows that everything that is unknown to us is known by the Creator because He’s the authority above all. 1010 pushes us into our divine consciousness rather than to our own judgment. 

You can buy the book of Doreen Virtue entitled Angel Numbers 101 for more insights about number sequence. To give you a hint, 1010 generally means a strong message for you by the Universe. Seeing the number 10 tells that you need to be positive and patient on everything that’s happening in your life. It will bring you to the highest good especially when you see a number 10 twice. 

The favor of the Universe will be poured out to you just be open to receive soul growth. Powerful forces are working on behalf of you behind the scenes. 

Meaning #2 of 1010: Spiritual Awakening 

Meaning #2 of 1010: Spiritual Awakening It all starts on a growing soul to be at the awakening process. Once you awaken, growth will be constant. When everything started to work well, there’ll be changes to your divine nature. Your true self will be revealed along the process which is a good way for nonstop growth. This makes you ready to step forward on a new path that leads you to higher dimensions of life. 

Life is so exciting the moment you open up your visions into higher possibilities. You can see the world in another perspective as compared before. 1010 will open your spiritual eyes. This gives you the courage to do what you cannot do before. It is full of positivity thereof. 

Meaning #3 of 1010: You Can Start To Move Forward 

A reawakened focus will make you move forward over again. This invites you to align yourself with the Creator as well as to the energies of the Universe. Think about the things you want to experience and make it happen. 

Then again, the success of every goal depends on how you achieve it. There must be perseverance and action in order to live for excellence. Plus, great commitment is the main ingredient to do well in life. Put your commitment to everything you do and you’ll see a difference in the results. Being at your best will bring you through every trial towards the victory. 

Your success is all up to you. The Creator gave us the free will to make our own realities. Whatever is in you will come out on your actions. Seeing 10:10 awakens the desire in your heart to create whatever you want to happen in your life. Focus on the things that spark joy within you and ignore negativities. 

Be patient in pursuing your passions. Time will surely come when you’ll reap what you sow for years. So, keep on moving forward.


Meaning #4 of 1010: You Are With The Right Team 

While you move forward, the light being has got your back. 10:10 appeared in front of you to leave a reminder that you are not alone with every battle you face. Full support is in you the whole time from the higher being. 

The whole Universe supports your journey. Create your reality with a great support system and you’ll never go wrong. Working with the team makes the work done easier. Writing your own destiny is possible.

You are like in a role play wherein the main actor is you and the Universe works behind the cameras. The play is life itself. Living a life is not letting the fears control you but bringing your desires into life. 

The right team will lead you to the right places. Find no other than the universe as your significant other. 


This is for everyone who’s in a romantic relationship as of now. Seeing 1010 together with your partner symbolizes positive energies of love. A successful relationship is ahead of you. Plan your life goals together and be courageous to step forward. Both of you will attract positive energies throughout the relationship. 

For those who aren’t in a relationship right now, making plans is still the best strategy to make a living. 

10:10: A Coincidence or For Real?

There are times 1010 seems just a coincidence and other people can testify about its realness. 10:10 is commonly known as the Angel Number which is a holy message from Above. As a final verdict, 10:10 is for real and not only a coincidence. 


stay positiveIt takes your own self to make an action after seeing a 1010 sign. Moving forward is the only thing you could do in to live life to the fullest. Knowing the reasons why is not enough to experience the by-products of your instincts. 

Let your soul grow by taking action to move forward, no matter happens in the past or what will happen next. Just keep on going. 

Now that you already have an idea about the meaning of 10:10, keep in mind that actions still speak louder than any wonders. So, the next time you encounter this number sequence you’ll be more conscious of what would be the next actions you’ll make. Always put in your heart that you have the best support system, the Universe rather, so live at your best. 

Lastly, this influences you to seek and pray more to aid you towards what you would become. The goal is to have personal development and you cannot do it alone. Collaboration with the Universe will bring a better you.

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The meaning of number 1010 is only a speculation, not 100% we can depend on. It is a domino effect. First is you’ll know that everything is working out to bring you at your best. Further, it says, the Universe is with you along the way. And then, come the latter meanings which are the ways to reach the goal.

That is you need to strive to reach a goal which is true in our daily battles. Overall, 1010 pushes you to never stop believing while moving forward. It has positive meanings so no reasons to fear. 

Indeed, we are living in a world that believes in wonders. Some explanations are difficult to have faith in but our curiosity makes us believe in the uncertainties. Trusting your intuitions at times is not that dangerous. 

To sum it up, we are free to accept as true the meanings of number sequence but life doesn’t end there. There’s more to what will likely happen with faith and trust to God.This number sequence will be useless without you taking action to move forward.



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