Undervalued NFTs: Nyan Cat, Paradise, Rituals, and More

In the non-fungible universe, getting around takes some doing. It’s practically hard to keep up with all the new and fascinating NFT initiatives, artists, and large-scale collections that are popping up every week.

OpenSea used to be the best place to find out about the current NFT trend, but that’s no longer the case. But with the NFT boom of 2021, things have altered dramatically. Collectors of NFT must now exercise extreme caution in terms of what they gather and where they store it.

As a way to help discover some of the most creative NFT endeavors, NFT has launched Undervalued, a weekly feature that highlights unusual projects, collections, and artists.



On the 4th of March, 2022, Paradise was launched. It’s the first time the African NFT Community has put on a show. 22 black women from all around Africa and the African diaspora were brought together to commemorate Women’s History Month.

It’s a collection and exhibition curated by Abieyuwa that aims to show how the concept of paradise differs from culture to culture. The collection focuses on the many ways in which the included artists depict paradise.

This collection is the first of its type and serves as a reminder that women are underpaid and frequently disregarded in NFT, while also highlighting a diverse group of black women who are more than capable of succeeding in the industry.

All 22 items in the collection, many of which are still on sale via primary sale, were made possible thanks to the generosity of Aku’s Micah Johnson.


Rituals” was launched on September 24th, 2021 by Grammy-nominated producer/artist Justin Boreta and engineer/artist Aaron Penne.

In celebration of “emergence, awareness, and community,” the project was launched on the Art Blocks platform and blends generative music with generative artwork to create immersive NFTs.

There are almost a thousand NFTs in the Rituals collection, all of which were built using code that can generate music and graphics indefinitely, even after 9 million years.

Several months after the Bright Moments NFT gallery in Venice, California, first unveiled Rituals, Boreta and Penne have chosen to make an album of the work available via regular streaming services.


Nyan Cat

nyan cat

The “Meme Economy” was born on February 18, 2021, when Chris Torres, the creator of the Nyan Cat mascot, launched it.

In the wake of auctioning off an NFT of his popular figure for close to $600,000 and making history as the first meme creator to sell his work as an NFT, Torres established a collection dedicated to his pop tart cat.

NFTs portraying various versions of the Nyan Cat GIF are now available in a collection of 22 editions. For less than 1 ETH, you may own a large number of OpenSea versions.

Ultimately, this collection serves as a tribute to one of the most important events in the NFT ecosystem—when NFTs allowed meme artists to earn due acknowledgment and compensation for their viral works.


The Dudes

Inaugurated on August 2, 2021, “The Dudes” is a collection of code-generated interactive NFT avatars. Perhaps the first-ever PFP (profile photo) NFTs, the 512 NFT men are capable of being directly interacted with by clicking on or dragging their cursors over the canvas.

The success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club sparked a wave of PFP projects in the NFT ecosystem.

Although there have been many avatar collections, few have been as innovative as The Dudes. Avatar NFTs that are generative and interactive were combined in the collection to create a unique NFT experience.


Arcade NFT

Arcade NFT

The Aug. 13, 2021, release of ArcadeNFT mixes the appeal of old arcade games with NFT trading.

More and more fully playable arcade games may be found on the Ethereum blockchain through ArcadeNFT’s increasing library of interactive NFTs.

NFTs began as a simple, playable pinball NFT, but have since grown into an extensive collection of more than 6,000 NFTs.

Rather than relying on long-term development goals to be funded through fundraising, ArcadeNFT puts the product directly in the hands of consumers who want to support the project’s efforts.



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