Top 10 Most Expensive Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT’s Ever Sold

A Quick Intro to Bored Ape Yacht

A Quick Intro to Bored Ape YachtWhat is the purpose of the Bored Ape Yacht Club? It’s straightforward punk rock at its finest, with an NFT slant. The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a collection of 10,000 NFTs of different apes.

What made it so daring and well-liked that its NFTs fetched millions of dollars? It’s all about the culture.

BAYC is unapologetically proud of this fact. You’re well aware of what they are. The BAYC was the brainchild of four people who saw it as one of their numerous side projects. Mostly, they’re working on projects to keep themselves occupied.

However, their side endeavor took off and paid off handsomely. In this post, we’ll look at the ten most expensive BAYC NFTs ever sold, as well as the implications for NFTs.


1. Bored Ape #2087 – 769 ETH ~ USD 2.3 Million1. Bored Ape #2087 – 769 ETH ~ $2.3 Million USD

This ape has fetched the highest price of any BAYC NFT to date. It was sold for a stunning USD 2.3 million, or 769 ETH. In the previous four months, it has been sold twice.


2. Bored Ape #3749 – 740 ETH ~ USD 2.9 Million2. Bored Ape #3749 – 740 ETH ~ $2.9 Million USD

In the last year, this ape has been sold three times. Its most recent value was 740 ETH, equivalent to USD 2.9 million. Its value has increased by 7 times in the previous three months alone.


3. Bored Ape #8585 – 697 ETH ~ USD 2.67 Million3. Bored Ape #8585 – 697 ETH ~ $2.67 Million USD

Probably the most attractive monkey you’ll ever see. What more does an animal like this require but a crown and sunglasses? This monkey amassed a worth of 697 ETH and a US dollar value of $2.67 million.


4. Bored Ape #7090 – 600 ETH ~ USD 2.27 Million4. Bored Ape #7090 – 600 ETH ~ $2.27 Million USD

The multicolored grinning monkey is giggling his way to the bank. This intelligent man amassed a total value of 600 ETH, which is about $2.27 million in USD.


5. Bored Ape #8135 – 550 ETH ~ USD 1.91 Million5. Bored Ape #8135 – 550 ETH ~ $1.91 Million USD

I believe we all have moments when we look like this guy. Disbelief? Frustration? We just do not know. He is, nonetheless, quite valuable.

He was sold for 550 WETH (about USD 1.91 million). WETH and ETH have a 1:1 ratio to keep everyone up to date. They’re frequently interchanged. (We won’t get into why just yet.)


6. Bored Ape #8135 – 500 ETH ~ USD 1.6 Million6. Bored Ape #8135 – 500 ETH ~ $1.6 Million USD

Look who’s returned! That’s because there’s a valid reason for it. To obtain him, people have spent a lot of money.

He was sold for 500 ETH at a value of USD 1.6 million before being sold to the wallet above (wallet owner identities are unknown). This was a significant increase from his initial 21 ETH.


7. Bored Ape #9361 – 500 ETH ~ USD 1.56 Million7. Bored Ape #9361 – 500 ETH ~ $1.56 Million USD

This monkey has completed his task. It’s plain to see. And it’s most likely the case with everything.

Although you can sympathize when you see the sum paid for him. At USD 1.56 million, he was sold for 500 ETH. No. 6 is very similar to this one.


8. Bored Ape #8877 – 425 ETH ~ USD 1.3 Million8. Bored Ape #8877 – 425 ETH ~ $1.3 Million USD

When you look at Ape 8877, you’re likely to be reminded of Superman in some manner — albeit in a different color.

This bored and unshaven monkey was sold for 425 ETH (about USD 1.3 million).


9. Bored Ape #5199 – 425 ETH ~ USD 1.3 Million9. Bored Ape #5199 – 425 ETH ~ $1.3 Million USD

This disgruntled monkey, almost entirely cybernetic, fetched a hefty price. Especially given the fact that this is BAYC NFT’s most recent transaction. It was sold for 425 ETH (USD 1.3 million).


10. Bored Ape #1734 – 420 ETH ~ USD 1.39 Million10. Bored Ape #1734 – 420 ETH ~ $1.39 Million USD

This is the final ape in our list of the most expensive BAYC NFTs ever sold. With a cigarette on his lips and an all-gold trim. The value of this disinterested monkey hit 420 Eth, or USD 1.39 million.


What Does This Mean?

As a result, you may have observed that we published ETH and USD pricing, with the USD values fluctuating.

Don’t be frightened if we’ve provided you with incorrect information. Because the BAYC NFTs are all built on the Ethereum blockchain, it’s only natural that their greatest prices are expressed in ETH rather than USD.

There are several USD values in the list above that are greater than the ones above them. We did consider it at the time of writing.

It simply implies that the ETH/USD exchange rate was different at the time of the transaction. And, as you are surely aware, the price of ETH fluctuates from time to time.

BAYC NFTs are only available through the OpenSea NFT marketplace. OpenSea is largely considered to be the most important online marketplace for art NFTs. And that shows in the pricing they’ve been able to obtain on their marketplace.

BAYC is without a doubt one of the most well-known NFT art collections. They’ve been hailed as the gold standard for all other NFTs to strive towards.

However, this has only been the case for the last 6 months in terms of the massive sales that each of the NFTs listed above has gotten. None of them had ever been sold for even a fraction of what they were worth when they were created.

With the NFT trend that has struck the market, the BAYC collection has ridden the right wave. And it’s frequently questioned why that particular group of apes was chosen, given that there are numerous. Was it because of the art style or because of the previous press coverage?

There is no straightforward solution to this problem. Its unvarnished and honest appeal was most certainly the explanation. The BAYC’s founders were unconcerned with what they said or how the apes seemed.

Some people might find some of their work objectionable. The creators couldn’t care less about what other people thought. After all, this is punk rock.

If you go to the BAYC website, you will immediately get a sense of the culture that has developed around the BAYC. However, you will get the opportunity to observe what they are working on next.



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