NFTs Help Ukrainian Children Fund Humanitarian Efforts Through Their Art


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During Ukraine’s continuing crisis with Russia, several organizations throughout the Web3 sector have stepped up to help raise money for the country.

There is one project in particular that aims to bring attention to the voices of Ukraine’s most vulnerable citizens: its children.

“Their youth hasn’t yet faded,” they say

Thousands of youngsters in Ukraine are facing an uncertain future as a result of the current humanitarian catastrophe.

Many of these children have resorted to painting to pass the time while they are cooped up in bomb shelters, bunkers, and railway stations.

The art project, “Their Futures,” a 50-piece collection of digitized artwork by Ukrainian children aged three to 14, is the work of Ukrainian-born artist Bonnie Panasenko.

Ukrainian children seeking refuge with their families as far away as Hungary have contributed art to this collection, which features the hopefulness of a child’s perspective.

Despite the “frightening and difficult circumstances,” Panasenko said in a news release, “their youth is still not gone.

Interested bidders may acquire a one-of-one NFT of these digital drawings, which includes the artist’s name and age.

Each and every penny raised by the auction will be donated to Hand to Hand, a non-governmental organization that works hand in hand with medical professionals, soldiers, activists, and volunteers to keep combat zones safe.

Providing a sense of calm

If she wanted to see her ideas come to fruition in these uncertain times, she needed the appropriate partners.

Web3 development business _VERSE Labs is here to offer the foundation for people and organizations to drive the NFT sector forward.

In addition to ensuring the success of THEIR FUTURES‘ launch, they were fascinated by how the logistical parts of this endeavor would function as a unique use of blockchain technology.

In particular, the process of scanning and minting 50 displaced Ukrainian children’s artworks

They have also collaborated with One of None, an emerging hybrid NFT exchange, to provide bidders with the ability to physically display their tokens in their homes. a framed real replica of the child’s work, not as a digital photo frame.

One of None was able to advance its mission of connecting the NFT world with the physical one thanks to this auction.

As conflict looms over them, “all they know is terror,” says Panasenko in a news release. He believes this project will bring long-term mental respite for these youngsters.

If we don’t do anything about it, they’ll have it with them for the rest of their lives.


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