How to play Axie Infinity? Complete Beginners Guide

Axie Infinity is one of the most well-known NFT games. Axie Infinity has become the poster child of crypto gaming, because of its adorable look, surprisingly sophisticated gameplay, and ability to “pay as you earn.

The Mavis team created the game, which runs on the Ethereum sidechain, Ronin.

With an overview of the game’s fundamental concepts, we’ll explain how to obtain your first squad of Axies, understand their powers, and start earning in our thorough beginner’s guide.


What is Axie Infinity?

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a genre-blending game that combines the greatest parts of Pokemon with card strategy games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone.

Axie Infinity, on the other hand, is built on blockchain technology, with each Axie existing as a non-fungible token (NFT) that is cryptographically owned in a wallet and may be sold and exchanged if desired.

Breeding, rearing, and battling cute creatures called Axies are all part of the game.

During the battle, players will use ability cards to attack an opponent, reduce their stats, enhance their team, or defend themselves.

Playing the game grants players Smooth Love Potion (SLP), in-game incentives that may be exchanged or sold for real-world currency.

SLP may be obtained in two methods, which comprise the game’s main gameplay loop:

1. Adventure mode (PVE)

With no timer, this is possibly the ideal method for novice players to learn the game’s basics. You perform objectives, level up your Axies, and earn up to 100 SLP every day in adventure mode.

2. Arena mode (PVP)

In arena mode, you pit your three Axies against another team’s three Axies. In contrast to adventure mode, you will be timed, and the battles will be more sophisticated, making them a far bigger challenge.

Both types require on expending 1 “energy” at a time, which is passively acquired through Axie ownership.

In all modes, you must understand which classes are efficient against each other as well as skills and attributes.


What are Axie Stats?

What are Axie Stats?

Axies are the monster pets you utilize in battle. They each have their own set of stats that come into play during battle.

Health: the number of hit points your Axie can take before being knocked unconscious.

Speed: this determines the attack order and the likelihood of dodging attacks.

Skill: when multiple cards are used simultaneously, skill increases the combo-bonus damage.

Morale: raises the chance of a critical hit as well as the chance of performing “last stand” moves before collapsing.


Axie Body Parts

Axie Body Parts

Axie body parts, in addition to metrics, determine fight effectiveness, with “purebred” Axies doing the best.

Purebreds are Axies who have all of their body components from the same class. They are more difficult to obtain and more expensive to purchase.

Axies have 6 body parts: back, tail, eyes, ears, horn, and mouth.

Body components such as the back, tail, horn, and mouth decide which skill cards you can utilize in combat.

Body parts contribute the following to your Axie’s stats:

  • Aquatic: 3 speed + 1 hit point
  • Beast: 3 moral + 1 speed
  • Bird: 3 speed + 1 hit point
  • Bug: 3 moral + 1 hit point
  • Plant: 3 hit point + 1 morale
  • Reptile: 3 hit points + 1 speed

As can be seen, the type of body parts that makes up your Axie will play a large role in the success of your team.


Axie Classes

Axie Classes

There are nine Axie classes in the game. The class advantage is the degree to which one class is weak or powerful in comparison to another.

  • Aquatic
  • Beast
  • Bird
  • Bug
  • Dawn
  • Dusk
  • Mech
  • Plant
  • Reptile

In battle, an Axie’s class determines the amount of damage done or sustained. If an Axie has a class advantage over another, they will inflict 15% more damage. When an Axie suffers a class disadvantage, they take 15% more damage.

Aquatic Axies, for example, do an additional 15% damage to Bug Axies but are vulnerable to Plant Axies, suffering 15% more damage from them.

In addition, an Axie that plays a card from its class will earn an extra 10% damage.


Axie Abilities

Axie Abilities

Your Axies’ powers are depicted as cards.

There are presently 132 ability cards in the game, each one based on a distinct bodily component that your Axie has.

These skills can be offensive or defensive, or they can enhance and deplete Axies’ stats, often known as buffs and debuffs. While the game does rely on chance, understanding when to use these ability cards is where skill comes into play.

The “surprise invasion” assault, for example, is based on the “cerastes” horn body component, which only 144 Axies possess.

The majority of Axie Infinity’s strategy is based on buffs and debuffs, which allow players to counter more strong teams with skilled ability use.

Buffs come in 3 self-explanatory flavors:

  • Attack up
  • Morale Up
  • Speed Up

Debuffs come in 13 varieties and are as follows:

AromaChange target
Attack downLowers attack power by 20%
ChillPrevents Axie from entering the last stand
FearPrevent Axie from attacking
FragileShield damage is doubled
JinxAxie was prevented form performing critical hits
LethalThe next hit is critical
Morale DownLowers morale of Axie
PoisonAxie loses 2 HP an action until healed
SleepThe next attack dodges the shield
Speed DownLowers speed by 20%
StenchAxie target priority is lost
StunAxie misses on the next turn


A Good Axie Team

A Good Axie Team

Creating a great team is the key to success in Axie Infinity and earning SLP.

While a good player will perform well with any team in adventure mode, to truly thrive in the PVP arena, a well-balanced squad capable of opposing other classes and skills is required.

With the game still being extremely popular, game-meta is continually growing, with players always learning how to out-strategize one another.

Nonetheless, the collective knowledge of the community has produced three general class lineups that have (so far!) lasted the test of time.

  • Beast/Aquatic/Plant
  • Beast/Bird/Plant
  • Plant/Aquatic/Aquatic

With these lineups, a team should be able to counter and push the opponent’s class advantage.


How do I install Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

The installation for desktop users is available from the official website:

For Android users, simply click the “play now” icon on the official website and follow the instructions. Because the app is not presently available in the Play Store, it will be installed as an “untrusted” app.
To play Axie on their iPhone, iOS users must be enrolled in the Apple TestFlight program.


How to get an Axie?

Of course, understanding how to play Axie Infinity is great, but without a team, you won’t be able to start earning SLP.

There are two methods to obtain a beginning team and start playing Axie Infinity:

  1. Buy your Axies
  2. Enroll in the scholarship program

To buy your Axies you’ll need to follow these steps:

i.   Create a MetaMask wallet and fund it with ETH.

ii.  Create a Ronin wallet and use the Ronin Bridge to transfer your ETH to it.

iii. Visit the Axie Marketplace and use your Ronin wallet to log in.

iv. Purchase 3 or more Axies.

Since the game’s release, the price of Axies has progressively risen, making ownership impossible for many players. Instead, others have opted to participate in an Axie scholarship program.

Players will “borrow” a team from the owners and share SLP in the process. Finding a scholarship program requires networking, as well as using social media to identify folks ready to share their team.



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