With the new ‘Acrylic’ software, you can create your own wallpapers for iOS and macOS devices


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It is not always simple to choose a new wallpaper for your phone or computer. iOS doesn’t have a lot of alternatives, and finding nice photos on the web may be a problem.

You may, however, now make your own wallpapers for iOS and macOS devices using the new “Acrylic” software.

Acrylic focuses on making 3D and gradient wallpapers, which are really ideal for Apple’s operating systems.

If you just want a fresh background, the program can instantly produce new photos for you. But things become more interesting when you start from scratch and design a fresh backdrop.

Acrylic is a basic and easy-to-use wallpaper engine for iOS and macOS, but it can do much more than that. Create gorgeous mesh gradients and 3D sceneries at high resolutions with ease. Simple tools enable you to easily create stunning renderings.

You may create several spots and modify the color of each one individually. Furthermore, the software allows users to adjust the placement of the spots for a more unique aesthetic. You may also make wallpapers in certain colors depending on the parameters you’ve selected.

Acrylic can generate 3D scenes with adjustable settings, sophisticated reflections, and ambient occlusion for more detailed objects in addition to gradients. As a consequence, the options for producing your next wallpaper are almost limitless.

When you’re finished, you may effortlessly export the wallpaper to your picture collection.

Other noteworthy features of the app include iCloud sync, widgets, and Siri Shortcuts for creating new gradients. More significantly, it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


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