What happened to Apple’s new Self Service Repair program? Is it still coming?

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Apple introduced a new “Self Service Fix” program last year, allowing people to purchase components for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products and repair them at home for the first time.

While the firm stated that the program will begin in the United States earlier this year, we haven’t heard anything about it since November 2021 – so what happened? Is it still on its way?

Self Service Repair – What Is It?

Apple has never been a fan of third-party repairs.

The majority of the components on devices like the iPhone, iPad, and even the Mac are soldered to the logic board, and they also require specialized screws and adhesives that make repair impossible for anybody who is not a qualified expert. Historically, the corporation has discouraged “unauthorized” repairs.

However, independent repair companies and some consumers have been advocating for a “Right to Repair.

This resulted in legislation attempting to compel technology firms to make do-it-yourself fixes easier.

The business then unveiled the Self Service Fix initiative to demonstrate its commitment to allowing people to repair their own devices.

Apple stated that it will begin by providing repair components for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, including batteries, cameras, and displays. Apple stated that the initiative would be expanded to include other parts and products such as M1 Macs in the future.

The corporation has failed to implement the program and has never published any details about it as of March 2021.

Is it still coming? Has Apple changed its mind?

Although the reasons for Apple’s delay in launching the Self Service Repair program are unknown, there are some clues that the corporation still intends to do so at some time.

For instance, some users have discovered that the Apple Support app has an option to acquire “replacement components” for the Apple Watch (although it only redirects the user to speak to an Apple advisor).

The item originally published on the Apple Newsroom website remains online, with the remark that the program “will launch in the United States early next year and spread to more countries throughout 2022.”

According to a leaked letter from last year, the initiative is administered by a third-party firm rather than Apple, making it unclear whether the components would be offered directly through Apple’s website or solely through Apple Support.

Additionally, the message stated that the corporation will post paperwork and service guides on its website.

Apple has made it easier to repair certain components of the iPhone in recent months.

The firm stated earlier this year that authorized service providers now have access to a new tool that allows them to replace the TrueDepth camera with the Face ID module without having to replace the complete iPhone. Simultaneously, a breakdown of the new Mac Studio revealed that Apple can replace the internal storage.

Apple may have delayed the program owing to component shortages, which have also impacted the production process for various products.


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