Users lobby 1Password to abandon new Electron version

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The forthcoming 1Password 8 for Mac is now in beta, but instead of a regular Mac app, it uses the resource-intensive Electron system — and users are objecting.

Agilebits, which is the developer of password management app 1Password has decided to move their macOS app to Electron. It’s part of a plan where 1Password 8 will use a single codebase across all platforms. Users of Macs have been frustrated by this change.

“The decision of how to build 1Password 8 for macOS was probably the most complicated one we had to make,” wrote 1Password’s Michael Fey in a blog post.

He said, “Ultimately, we decided to choose a two-prong strategy.” We could target older OSes with the second app written in web UI.

Although the goal was to reduce the number 1Password versions that the company needed to maintain, it proved impossible to do two Mac versions.

Fey said that SwiftUI allowed them more code to be shared between iOS and macOS but that they still had to create separate implementations of certain components to make them feel at ease on the target OS. 

He stated, “Ultimately, it was necessary to stop working on SwiftUI Mac, and instead concentrate our SwiftUI efforts on iOS. This will enable the Electron app to cover every supported Mac operating system. 

It is possible that Apple’s SwiftUI wasn’t yet capable of providing all 1Password requirements. AgileBits has abandoned Electron for a platform that is resource-intensive and less reliable.

Although Electron made it possible for Discord and Slack to have a Mac presence through the Electron platform, performance and stability are often less impressive.

Users of 1Password 8 are protesting the use Electron and asking for a reconsideration. The issue was brought up in a Reddit AMA, but it wasn’t reportedly answered.

Reddit user Cosste wrote that the 1P8 worked better on other platforms. “But the mac remains the mac. It deserves its native client. It could be an AppKit App, or a Catalyst App created from the iPad version.

The user said, “As can be seen, many people are seriously affected by the move from Electron. All factors are involved: the degrading experience and new memory usage, as well as non-native feelings. “We don’t want you to make Electron apps better. But we want you to continue building on the native app.

Others have complained that the company is “dismissive” of current problems. 1Password 8 beta users claim that the company is slow and less responsive.

Although it is a beta release the final shipping versions generally ship faster. Fey calls all 1Password 8 versions a “very strong foundation” that will support the app for the next ten years.

He stated that “We are committed in creating top-tier user experiences across every platform.” 

AppleInsider has reached out to AgileBits for comment.


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