TikTok’s new dislike button aims to foster kindness and safety

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TikTok is currently developing a “dislike” button in order to give users “greater control over comments.

Users participating in the experiment have the option to dislike any remarks they find irrelevant or improper.

This new feature was announced by the social media giant in a blog post about how to be kind and safe on the site.

This endeavor intends to continue to foster meaningful interaction among TikTok users. Only the person who hit “hate” on a comment will know that they did so.

TikTok is also sending out alerts to artists about its comment-filtering and bulk block-and-delete features. These warnings, which are part of TikTok’s safety effort, are for artists who get a lot of nasty comments.

Furthermore, the business claims it will soon advise the public on the results of the testing and whether or not the “dislike” button will be made available to all users.



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