TikTok takes a cue from YouTube with ad revenue sharing model to support creators

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For the first time, TikTak will be sharing its ad money with its content creators. Ads will show next to “the top 4% of all videos” on TikTok Pulse, which will work with the best content providers on the site.

YouTube’s ad income sharing model has inspired a new approach for content creators to monetize their work. The fact that so many people make a good living off of the platform makes it an effective tool for encouraging users to create content.

It is expected that Pulse will include 12 categories in which marketers can display their ads next to the most relevant material for their customers.

The TikTok audience enjoys a wide range of entertainment, including food and games. Using Pulse, brands will have a unique opportunity to connect with the people who are most important to them.

Anyone with at least 100,000 followers is eligible for participation in the program. New features that “enhance” the TikTok experience will be brought to the platform through the company’s “commitment to working with [its] community.” A “dislike” button for comments, a “watch history” function, and longer videos have just been added to the platform.

There have been a number of social media companies seeking to copy TikTok’s popularity. Instagram’s Reels feature, which has several TikTok-like qualities, comes to mind as the most popular.

Everybody wants a piece of the action with TikTok, which has become one of the most popular apps.

TikTok has stated that the initiative will be expanded to other markets this fall.


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