The goose emoji – and some others – could be coming later this year to your iPhone


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Emojipedia has just announced the new emoji that will most likely be available for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices later this year.

The 15.0 release will include several excellent changes that will allow users to express themselves more effectively. Here are the draft figures that might be arriving soon on your Apple iPhone.

This is the eighth year that Emojipedia has shown a peek at what emoji consumers may see on their phones in the future. A shaking face, two pushing hands, and basic pink, gray, and light-blue hearts are now among the options.

“Ahead of World Emoji Day, Emojipedia has created sample designs for each candidate emoji. While some might not make the cut, most presented for approval are historically confirmed,” says a blog post.

Emoji 15.0 may also include a donkey, jellyfish, hair pick, and khanda. More importantly, a goose may finally cut the upcoming release.

Although this is simply a draft emoji list, each figure is subject to change before final approval in September 2022, the blog post adds that “the bulk of the nominees have ended up on the final list over the previous number of years – including every emoji we previewed from last year’s.”

It’s also worth noting that, whilst Emoji 14.0 had 112 suggestions and the prior edition had 334, update 15.0 had only 31. Furthermore, this is the first time that no new persons have been included in this batch of suggestions.

The blog article also has a few additional details on the candidates for the future update:

  • The new Donkey emoji will mean that the animal mascots of both major political parties in the United States of America will have emoji versions (joining the 🐘 Elephant);
  • The Rightwards Pushing Hand and Leftwards Pushing Hand should have great combinational power with other emojis;
  • The new Black Bird emoji joins 🐈‍⬛ Black Cat and 🐻‍❄️ Polar Bear as color-based variations on existing figure animals, implemented via zero width joiner (ZWJ) sequences;
  • Amusingly, the codepoint of the Moose emoji is “FACE” (U+1FACE). Whether or not vendors decide to show just its head like our Emojipedia Sample Image or display the full-bodied creature will have to be seen.

Below, you find all the emojis that could be available later this year:The goose emoji – and some others – could be coming later this year to your iPhone


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