Telegram app may be removed from App Store


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Telegram, the popular messaging app, is expected to be banned in Brazil following a judgment by the Brazilian Supreme Court that the program does not comply with local regulations for the prevention of harmful material transmission.

As a result, Telegram is expected to be withdrawn from the Apple App Store and other Brazilian digital platforms.

Minister Alexandre de Moraes made the decision on Friday, ordering all internet providers and digital platforms in Brazil to start steps to shut down Telegram’s operations in the nation.

ANATEL, Brazil’s communications regulator, has now notified all businesses that they must comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Businesses that do not comply with the judgment will face a daily punishment of R$100,000 ($20,000).

Additionally, Apple and Google are included, as both corporations distribute Telegram through their own app stores.

Why is Telegram being prohibited in Brazil?

Telegram has long been under scrutiny in Brazil, where politicians have used the service to spread fake news.

Additionally, there are claims of several criminal organizations and Telegram channels that provide access to narcotics, guns, and other unlawful content.

The issue deteriorated further when Telegram was requested by the Brazilian Federal Police to deactivate these groups and give data on their members.

Telegram, on the other hand, has never responded to any of these demands. According to Brazilian law, organizations that provide internet services in the nation must abide by court rulings when they are issued.

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Morais stated that Telegram had demonstrated “contempt for Brazilian justice” by failing to cooperate with law enforcement on many occasions.

Telegram is still operational in Brazil for the time being, but the app will almost certainly be removed from the local internet at some point — unless Telegram chooses to comply with the Supreme Court.


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