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See, Ted Lasso and more: What shows and movies are on Apple TV Plus?


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Apple TV Plus is a premium streaming service that spends big on stars and large budgets for original movies and shows. But it’s different than the rest. Here are the facts.

Apple TV Plus, Apple’s subscription video service that competes with Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max, features original TV shows and movies… only original TV shows. It doesn’t offer a large catalog, unlike its main competitors. Apple TV Plus instead offers a small but growing selection of originals, including Ted Lasso, See With Jason Momoa, and Sundance Film Festival winner CODA.

It doesn’t even have its own channel or app. Apple TV Plus‘ shows live inside the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app differs from the Apple TV streaming device. It isn’t very clear.

Apple TV Plus also recently changed the terms that allowed most subscribers to watch original movies and shows for free. Many existing customers were charged this month for the first time, and Apple has also discontinued a long-term offer of a free year. Many members will now have to pay for Ted Lasso’s new episodes.

What’s Ted Lasso’s season 2 release date?

Ted Lasso‘s second season premiere became available to stream on Apple TV Plus early on July 23, with a single episode available to stream. Each episode will drop on a Friday. The show is expected to have 12 episodes. This would make its season finale on October 8.

How can I watch Ted Lasso and CODA See on Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus does not have its own app, unlike Netflix and other subscription streaming services. Apple TV Plus programming is found within the TV app. This app can be used to view other video subscriptions, as well as to rent or purchase movies and shows a la carte. This cannot be very clear. However, the TV app has a tab that is dedicated to Apple TV Plus originals. You can find them all in one place, without having to pay extra for another programming.

Apple TV Plus and Apple TV App are available for:

  • Apple devices that stream video include iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV streaming boxes.
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Google TV
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • LG Smart TVs
  • Vizio smart TVs
  • Sony smart TVs

Apple TV Plus is also available to watch on the web at

You will need to use a web browser to view the video on your Android phone or other mobile devices than an iPhone or iPad. Apple TV is not available on mobile devices other than those made by the company.

How much does Apple TV Plus cost?

Apple TV Plus is $5 per month or $50 annually. Disney Plus costs $8 per month and has a vast library of movies that rivals Apple’s. Netflix, the largest subscription streaming service globally, charges $13 per month for its most popular plan. It also offers other tiers starting at $9 and $16 per month.

Apple TV Plus is now included in its Apple Music student discount plan. This deal offers both streaming services for $5 per month at no additional cost.

Apple TV Plus is also available as part of a discount bundle of services called Apple One. Apple One is available at a price range of $15-30 per month for various subscriptions. This has been expected since Apple started making subscription services more prominent. Apple TV Plus is included with all tiers of Apple One. Depending on the tier, Apple One bundles might also include Apple Music and Apple Arcade. Storage service iCloud may also be included. Apple Fitness Plus will soon offer guided workout services. Disney Plus offered something similar, packaging the service with Hulu and ESPN Plus.


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