Reddit announces updates to its search system with comments and improved results

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Reddit introduced modifications to its search engine on Thursday, with the goal of making it simpler for Redditors to discover precisely what they’re searching for.

Users may now search for comments on the social network, in addition to a new look.

Currently, the Reddit search can discover articles, groups, and people. As of today, it is now possible to discover comments.

According to the site, based on a poll conducted last year, this was one of the most desired features by consumers.

Reddit asked a small group of users to test out the new comment search, and the response has been mostly positive.

With this new capability, users looking for particular discussions or comments on Reddit no longer need to click on several posts and then scroll through what can sometimes be thousands of comments to find threads that are relevant to them. The new feature solves this problem and quickly gives redditors the ability to comment search directly and further refine their searches by searching for comments within specific communities.

However, this is just one of the modifications Reddit is making to its search engine. Users will now get results that favor posts rather than content, and the design has been simplified.

According to Reddit, the search engine has been changed to limit the number of results that aren’t normal.

When it comes to providing results that do not perfectly match the content of a post, search is now more flexible. As a consequence, Reddit witnessed a 60% boost in results for queries that previously yielded no results at all.

The platform can also figure out what users like and what they click on to make a single search result more relevant in the future.Reddit announces updates to its search system with comments and improved results

The improvements are already being sent out to Reddit users on desktop, and mobile platforms are likely to follow suit shortly.


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