PSA: Are you having trouble using Instagram today? It’s not just you

It’s not just you if you’ve been having issues with Instagram today. Users have reported issues with Instagram DMs, loading new posts, and reading and publishing Instagram stories on social media. For further information, see the section below.

Many Instagram users are experiencing issues

Instagram’s social media feeds and in-app Instagram status pages have not verified the outage. According to reports on Downdetector, the problems began around an hour ago and are still happening.

The Instagram app is still functioning for many of the impacted users, but the experience has been severely hampered. Affected Instagram users report being unable to contribute to their Instagram Story, load in-app features such as filters and stickers, or submit anything to their Twitter feed.

Some Instagram users are also experiencing difficulties loading new posts in their feeds. Instead, those individuals are seeing postings from the previous several days (presumably because they were cached in the app in some form).

Many users’ Instagram DMs are also unavailable. Surprisingly, some users are seeing a “Welcome to Instagram” message as if they are brand new to the platform.

Other symptoms that indicate Instagram down includes:

  • You are unable to load likes and comments into your “Activity” feed.
  • Inability to leave a comment on a blog post
  • The Browse/Search tab is not loading, or it only displays outdated posts and videos.
  • The search engine isn’t bringing up the right results.

Instagram has yet to recognize these concerns, but they appear to be growing in popularity. When (or if) Meta responds to the situation, we’ll update this story.



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