Poly Network hack steals $600 million and Hacker Returns $1million

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Poly Network is a crypto interoperability protocol that allows cryptocurrencies to communicate with each other. It claims that it has been hacked, and more than $600,000,000 worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen.

While scammers have tried various cryptocurrency-related schemes, the Poly Network took to Twitter to announce that it had been robbed. It asked users to blocklist the alleged hackers.Poly Network hack steals $600 million and Hacker Returns $1million

It continued, “We call upon miners affected crypto exchanges or blockchains to blacklist tokens [from] addresses,”

The hack was dubbed the largest Defi hack (decentralized financial institution hack), but it isn’t confirmed.

According to Crypto News Poly Network, its stolen assets come from Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

The company says it will pursue legal action and urges hackers to return the assets. 

This could be a good idea. Crypto News reports that $1 million was returned.


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