Ohio working on new bill prohibiting the tracking of people with AirTags


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AirTag has been helping Apple consumers trace their lost or stolen products for the last year. Some, on the other hand, have been utilizing the tracking gadget for more sinister reasons.

A news station in Ohio discovered a gap in a legislation that permits electronic trackers to be used to follow individuals.

An instance involving an Akron lady whose automobile was traced with an AirTag was reported by 3News in February. The AirTag’s warning frightened her, prompting her to seek assistance from the Akron police.

Police discovered an AirTag inside her car’s back bumper after searching it, which was presumably planted there by an ex-boyfriend.

The research led 3News to learn that in Ohio, persons with no past record of stalking or domestic violence might possibly get away with AirTag stalking – without penalties.

After doing research, the station discovered that at least 19 states had laws prohibiting electronic tracking. One of them is Ohio.

HB672 makes it illegal to monitor individuals.

3News has been campaigning for bipartisan legislation to safeguard against unwanted tracking in order to alter this.

Local politicians from both chambers of the Ohio Statehouse were lobbied, and it received support from both Democrats and Republicans.

As a result of their efforts, two lawmakers have announced the initiation of HB672 in the Ohio House of Representatives. “Generally prohibiting a person from knowingly installing a tracking device or application on another person’s property without the other person’s consent,” according to the bill.

Pennsylvania is also working on the problem, proposing legislation that would make AirTag misuse illegal.

Apple has also been striving to improve AirTags’ anti-stalking capabilities. For customers setting up a new AirTag, the business has included a privacy warning in recent upgrades.

A new firmware update also makes a sound when an unfamiliar AirTag is present, making it simpler to locate.

As the tale progresses, you may read the whole bill.


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