Number of users opting in to App Tracking on iOS grows significantly since last year

Almost a year ago, Apple announced iOS 14.5 with App Tracking Transparency, a feature that allows users to decide whether or not they wish to be monitored by third-party applications.

Initially, the percentage of individuals consenting to allow applications to follow them was minimal, but recent data from Adjust suggests that some people have changed their minds.

It was believed that Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency would harm the mobile app business, which depends significantly on advertising, according to the research group.

Opt-in rates were about 16 percent in May 2021. A year later, that figure had risen to 25%.

More than a third of gamers have consented to their data being collected for advertising purposes.

The findings are based on a worldwide survey of Adjust’s database of the 2,000 most popular applications. Up to a quarter of gamers have signed up for popular games.

Only 4% of US customers had signed up for App Tracking one month after its introduction, according to another study conducted last year.

Even while Adjust acknowledges that consent percentages differ from application to application, the business thinks that more consumers are beginning to realize the “benefit” of getting targeted ads.

An opt-in has become an important strategic starting point for many companies in the market, even as they have grown to appreciate the advantages of working with a combination of ATT opted-in, device-level data, and aggregated SKAdNetwork data.

As more people realize the advantages of opting in and getting targeted adverts, we anticipate to see a steady rise in the number of people who give their permission to receive them.

Several disputes have erupted since the introduction of App Tracking Transparency between app developers and major internet firms – particularly Facebook, which still opposes revisions to Apple’s privacy regulations.

That $13 billion would have been Facebook’s loss by 2022 if they hadn’t implemented this function, which is also known as “ATT.”



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