Niantic’s latest AR title ‘Peridot’ is Pokémon without the franchise overhead

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Niantic is the only firm that is passionate about the future of augmented reality.

In Peridot, you will care for, grow, pet, and breed “one-of-a-kind lovely animals” called Dots. The game’s creator wants to start a new era with Peridot.


If pets are a part of your life, you already know the joy that they can bring. The simple act of caring for an animal and watching them grow is immensely rewarding, especially when you’ve forged a real bond with your pet.

Introducing Peridot: an all-new, real-world AR mobile game, and original franchise that puts the joy of caring for, raising, and breeding adorable one-of-a-kind creatures in your hands.

According to Niantic, Peridots are waking up to a world that is significantly different from the one in which they used to roam after “thousands of years of sleep.

You’ll foster your own Peridots as you embark on this experience. These are creatures who feel so real, you’ll love every moment raising them from birth to adulthood. While you explore the world together, you’ll get to learn more about your cute new friends, develop a bond as you nurture and play with them, and work with other players to diversify their species.

Niantic also gives a preview of the game and some of the Peridots that can be found in the game.

Niantic’s latest AR title ‘Peridot’ is Pokémon without the franchise overhead

The game will soon begin a soft launch testing phase in certain regions. It’s unknown when Peridot will be available for purchase.

It’s vital to understand that Niantic is the creator of Pokémon GO. After the game’s popularity in the summer of 2016, the corporation still generates a lot of money from it, but it didn’t have the same success as the Harry Potter series, which just had its game shut down.

Niantic is also betting on a new Pikmin game and will shortly release a Transformers AR experience. Take a peek at Peridot’s announcement teaser below.


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