New production of the iPhone SE starts in late January with a March launch, according to a leaker

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You can’t go wrong with an iPhone SE which is why we hope the new leak is true and it will be on sale by April or May.

Apple’s minor update for the iPhone SE is now entering production, according to the latest reports. The new model will reportedly debut in 2022 and sport a relatively modest design overhaul.

Young expected to launch the iPhone SE in the first half of 2022. The expected launch date backs up reports by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that had previously indicated that they would be released in this time frame.

Ross Young is a renowned analyst for Display Supply Chain Consultants and also has a good track record in information about suppliers.

It is speculated that the SE will be the third generation of this model and might come with 5G. Previous reports have stated that it might use a chassis from the older iPhone XR, but others predict that it will replicate the design of an upcoming iPhone 11.

Why does this stylus need a larger screen than the current model? Let’s hope they release one by 2023.


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