New iPad Air with M1 was designed for creators & students, Apple exec says

According to an Apple official, the new 2022 iPad Air was paired with an M1 processor to suit the demands of both creative and productive customers of the intermediate tablet.

Apple’s iPad Product Marketing Manager, Katie McDonald, recently talked with YouTuber Brian Tong and a pair of video producers about the new iPad Air, discussing how the firm went about deciding what features the next version should have.

For example, McDonald said that while building a new iPad Air with an iPad AirM1 processor, Apple considered how users and consumers were already using the previous generation model of the iPad Air — and how the M1 would provide a “huge jump” in performance to the intermediate gadget.

“So it was really thinking about how people were using the iPad Air, and we knew that the M1 would simply be a great fast match for those consumers,” McDonald said. “We had intended to bring it, and we’re thrilled to finally offer it to the world.”

In terms of the new iPad Air’s target demographic, an Apple official said that the tablet is a step up from the entry-level iPad.

In other words, the tablet is geared for content makers, college students, gamers, and other people with “very high performance expectations.”

“Perhaps it’s not their job, perhaps they’re not creating a commercial,” McDonald said. “However, there are some for whom it is a pastime, a passion.”

To that end, McDonald said that Apple intended to update the iPad Air’s feature set to support such creative and productive processes.

Tong questioned McDonald where the iPad Pro goes from here at one point in the film. Although McDonald provided no indications regarding future models, she said that the iPad Pro remains the Apple tablet of choice for serious professionals.

“iPad Pro continues to have the most sophisticated technology that we provide on iPad,” added McDonald.

“Of course, it will have the Liquid Retina with ProMotion… it will have Thunderbolt connection, five studio-quality microphones, four-speaker audio, and that pro camera system on the back.”



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