Netflix documentary details the selection of Inspiration4 crew

Monday morning Netflix released the first two episodes of their Inspiration4 documentary series. The series will cover the crew’s journey to and from space onboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft. We saw the Inspiration4 crew selected, and the beginning of their journey.

Isaacman set out to make Inspiration4 more accessible.

Jared Issacman was the best choice for SpaceX’s first mission commercial. A billionaire who loves adventure and aviation, Jared Issacman called SpaceX to discuss buying a Dragon seat.Isaacman set out to make Inspiration4 more accessible.

It started as a desire to “keep him in my thoughts” so SpaceX could be ready for commercial flights. But it quickly turned into mission planning and visits at the Hawthorne headquarters. He met mission managers who guided him through every step of the flight. Issacman was constantly pushing for new ways to help SpaceX achieve their goal of sending humans to Mars.

Issacman wanted this mission to be more that a space-flight for billionaires. He wanted to use the public attention of the mission to help children fighting cancer and build a crew that would inspire generations to come.

From St. Jude’s “Gratitude Administrator” to instilling everyone that nothing can be impossible

Hayley Arceneaux, St. Jude Physician Assistant, was the second crew member to be officially announced. Her backstory is inspiring and she plays a crucial role in connecting the mission with the St. Jude fundraiser.From St. Jude's "Gratitude Administrator" to instilling everyone that nothing can be impossible

Although being diagnosed with bone cancer in her twenties would have devastated many’s hopes and dreams, it did not happen to Arceneaux. Arceneaux kept fighting and was positive. She went around thanking blood donors for their support. St. Jude awarded her the title “Gratitude Administrator” at this point. She beat her cancer with the help of St. Jude’s team and a cutting-edge procedure to remove the tumor from the bone and to replace it with an implant that could mimic the growth plate. Arceneaux returned to St. Jude to help other children with cancer.

Arceneaux will be the first person to fly to orbit with a body implant. She is the seat of hope, which couldn’t have been more perfect.

The space program’s fourth child will become the fourth female African-American astronaut

Sian Proctor was the daughter of an engineer who worked at NASA’s Apollo remote stations in Guam. Space has always been a major part of her life. Proctor graduated with a master’s degree in geology and a doctorate in science education. He is now a professor at South Mountain Community College.The space program's fourth child will become the fourth female African-American astronaut

Proctor applied for NASA astronaut status in 2009. She was selected as the final selection, but she wasn’t chosen to be part of that year’s class. Proctor, who had long dreamed of going into space for many years, was finally selected to join NASA’s Inspiration4 crew. She submitted a video explaining why she should be selected as well as setting up an online store for her art on Isaacman’s Shift4 platform.

Proctor represents the seat of prosperity and plans to bring her father’s signed note from Neil Armstrong with her to space.

Representing the generosity and heart of an average human

Chris Sembroski is a normal American who has been fascinated by space his entire life. After seeing the Super Bowl ad, Sembroski decided to donate to St. Jude through the Inspiration4 sweepstakes.Representing the generosity and heart of an average human

Sembroski, a Lockheed Martin engineer and veteran of the Air Force, is a typical person who dreams of reaching space. He told Issacman he had to talk to his wife about the decision to accept a seat on the mission after he was selected.

Together, he forms Inspiration4, the first civilian orbital mission. Their aim is to inspire future generations that anything is possible. Next week, the launch is scheduled for September 15. The next chapters of Netflix’s documentary drop on the 13th and will focus on the training that has taken place over the past few months.



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