Migos’ Takeoff Launches Space-Ape Themed NFT Project

Migos is the most recent celebrity to join the NFT space. The celebrity announced the start of his new PFP project, Apes In Space, on his social media accounts without notice this week.

The collection includes 9,999 space-themed NFTs, which went on sale on Dec. 6 at 9 p.m. ET. These apes are substantially more expensive than the main sales of most avatar projects, at 0.3 ETH apiece, but they come with a fascinating set of collector incentives.


While PFP initiatives of all kinds have continued to pursue celebrity ambassadorship in the same way as BAYC has, Takeoff has taken a different approach from the outset, leveraging his own personal brand with that of Apes In Space.

Apes In Space is not only attempting to build “the greatest Hip-Hop event in the Metaverse,” but also to make history by sending one fortunate collector into orbit on a real-life space adventure via Takeoff, as detailed in the project’s roadmap.

Aside from collector perks, Takeoff’s first offering has the allure of an engaging tale. The story takes place in the year 2203 when the world’s oil reserves have reached an all-time low.

With the world engulfed in continual strife, militaries have started training apes for a fight, ushering in a new age in which apes have consciousness but are restricted to the battlefield.


Takeoff has already begun developing a brand around his burgeoning collection, evidently showcasing the project IRL by wearing unreleased Apes In Space clothing, combining two themes that are all too common in the NFT community: apes and space.

And, given that artists of many types have been participating in NFTs in some capacity throughout 2021, having the celebrity come in, sidestep the obvious expectations of adding his own music as part of the project, and get straight to work developing a community is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Only time will tell where the project goes, but it’s fascinating to watch more popular performers fall down the NFT rabbit hole with each month that passes. Visit the project’s website to discover more about Apes In Space.



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