Microsoft Teams for Apple Silicon Macs is now available in beta

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Microsoft has published a version of Microsoft Teams that is optimized for Apple Silicon, more than 18 months after the first Mac powered by the M1 CPU was introduced.

While the Apple Silicon version of Microsoft Teams is not yet accessible to the general public, it may be downloaded via the company’s website.

This version of Teams for MacOS has not been formally disclosed by Microsoft, but the file was spotted on the company’s website this week.

You’ll see that Teams is now a “Universal” app when you download and install it. This implies it’s compatible with both Intel and Apple silicon-based Macs.

To refresh your memory, Apple’s silicon-powered Macs can execute three distinct sorts of applications:

The Mac App Store allows you to get iPhone and iPad applications.

According to Apple, universal apps are apps that are built for Apple’s Silicon and Intel processors and are downloadable from the Mac App Store or the web.

Apple says that apps that run through Rosetta 2 translation, which allows users to run apps made for Intel Macs on Apple Silicon, sometimes perform better in Rosetta with M1 than they did with Intel, Apple says.

Microsoft Teams for macOS functioned as an Intel program on Apple Silicon Macs up until last week, utilizing Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation engine. Over the past year and a half, Teams users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the absence of an Apple Silicon version.

This version of Teams looks to be a beta, which means it isn’t guaranteed to be bug-free and may have performance concerns. Nonetheless, it should increase performance on Apple Silicon computers noticeably.

Every week, Microsoft publishes new public preview versions of its apps. Tomorrow, on April 26th, the new version is likely to be formally launched.

If you have an Apple Silicon Mac and use Microsoft Teams, you may download this beta version of the program from Microsoft’s website.


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