Mac Studio teardown suggests SSD storage could be upgradeable

The first Mac Studios have been released into the wild, and as is customary, the first teardowns have begun to surface on the web.

So far, Max Tech on YouTube has disassembled the Mac Studio to disclose the internal design, the M1 Ultra, and a possible indication of upgradeability.

To begin, this deconstruction demonstrates how to gain access to the Mac Studio.

From the exterior, the Mac Studio looks to be without screws, however when gingerly removing the rubber ring from the machine’s base, you’ll discover four screws that allow you to completely remove the base.

Max Tech immediately notices that after removing the base of the Mac Studio and inspecting the internals, the Mac Studio may very well have upgradeable SSD storage.

As with the Mac Pro, the Mac Studio includes two easily accessible SSD connectors on the inside.

Mac Studio teardown suggests SSD storage could be upgradeable

Max Tech notes that the verbiage on Apple’s website for the Mac Studio says that the storage is “not user-accessible” and that users should “consider setting to a greater capacity” if they anticipate the need for more storage in the future.

However, due to the “user-accessible” phrasing, Max Tech speculates that Apple may provide permitted SSD storage upgrades in the future. Apple, meanwhile, sells a Mac Pro SSD Upgrade Kit.

Additionally, the video demonstrates how to swap the SSD module across slots.

Again, this implies that the slots may be modular and upgradeable in the future. Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the Mac Studio’s unified memory because it is soldered to the chip.

The entirety of Max Tech’s film is definitely worth seeing and can be viewed below.

Ultimately, it is unknown whether Apple created the Mac Studio with the intention of allowing for future SSD storage expansions, but it is an intriguing idea to ponder. What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments section!


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