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Kuo: Cheaper Apple TV coming later this year to ‘close the gap with competitors’


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Reliable Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, has a big forecast for the Apple TV’s future.

According to a fresh report published today by Kuo, Apple will release a less expensive Apple TV device in the second half of this year.

The emphasis of this new model will be on improving the Apple TV’s “cost structure.

Apple TV is becoming cheaper

The Apple TV 4K now begins at $179 for 32GB of storage, with a 64GB model available for $199. The previous-generation Apple TV HD, with 32GB of storage, is still available for $149.

According to Kuo, a new Apple TV will be released in the second part of the year that will “better cost structure.” Kuo says:

In 2H22, Apple will release a new generation of Apple TV with a lower pricing structure. In the midst of the recession, I believe Apple’s ambitious approach of combining hardware, content, and service will help them narrow the gap with its rivals.

Because Kuo’s tweet is so ambiguous, we don’t know much more about what we may anticipate from a less expensive Apple TV. It should, in theory, be far cheaper than goods from rivals like Roku and Amazon.

Fix-iPhones Opinion

In April 2021, Apple updated the Apple TV 4K, keeping the pricing the same but adding a new Siri Remote and an improved A12 Bionic processor. Although it is more powerful, the Apple TV is significantly more costly than rival streaming accessory devices.

Apple has long claimed that the Apple TV’s more powerful CPU allows it to function as a game console, especially with the advent of Apple Arcade. Despite Apple’s best efforts, the Apple TV has yet to gain traction as a gaming platform.

One possibility is that Apple may release a less expensive Apple TV alongside the Apple TV 4K. A cheaper version of the Apple TV focused only on streaming services is a crucial aspect of Apple’s plan as it tries to bring Apple TV+ into as many households as possible.

On the other hand, Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on an Apple TV with an integrated HomePod speaker and FaceTime camera. This would very probably cost more than the existing Apple TV 4K.

What do you want to see on an Apple TV that is more affordable? What would you be prepared to pay for it? Let us know in the comments section.


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