Keep track of the songs you want to listen to later with ‘MusicBox’

The built-in Shazam integration on iOS is one of several methods to find new songs. But what if you can’t play that music right now for any reason?

Users can finally keep track of music they wish to listen to later using the new MusicBox app.

Marcos Takana, the creator behind MusicHarbor, which we previously highlighted on 9to5Mac, produced MusicBox.

MusicBox, on the other hand, is a “listen later” software, according to the creator, whereas MusicHarbor is focused on letting users discover what’s new about their favorite musicians.

If you hear a song and want to save it for later but don’t want to add it to your music collection, MusicBox can do it for you.

You can put the song or album URL into the app to store it for later, and it works with links from Apple Music and Spotify.

MusicBox works with Shazam directly from the app if you don’t have a connection. MusicBox recognizes and stores the song you’re listening to with just a tap.

The software is also capable of doing other intriguing things. For example, it gathers all of the song’s metadata, such as the release date, genre, and record label. Users can also use tags to categorize their stored music and mark them as played.

You don’t even need to launch the Music app to listen to a song you’ve saved with MusicBox thanks to the Apple Music connection.

Smart Search, Auto-Tagging, Shortcuts support, home screen widgets, and database synchronization with other devices through iCloud are all included in the software.

MusicBox is a $2.99 app available on the App Store. There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions in this software, and it works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.



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