iPhone’s Digital IDs feature expanding to Maryland and possibly Mississippi, here’s how to add

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Digital IDs are coming to Maryland two months after Apple officially released all iOS 15 capabilities promised at WWDC 2021.

Users in the state will be able to link their driver’s licenses to their iPhone’s Wallet as a result.

After Arizona declared that driver’s licenses would be supported on the iPhone’s Wallet, it’s now time for Maryland to follow suit. According to Apple, at least 30 states are considering adopting digital IDs.

Apple said in March that several states, including Maryland, would be receiving support shortly.Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Utah are all expected to embrace the digital ID function in the near future.

Presenting your ID at specific TSA checkpoints suddenly becomes easier,” according to Maryland’s government page (via MacRumors) “It’s as easy as holding your cellphone near the identification scanner and verifying the information given.

A Twitter user noted that the TSA in Jackson, Mississippi is prepared for Apple’s digital driver’s license functionality with the “Tap here” option for Digital IDs, as shown above.

How to add your Digital ID from Maryland to the Wallet app

To begin, you’ll need an iPhone 8 or later with iOS 15.4 or later. If you’re using an Apple Watch, it must be a Series 4 with watchOS 8.4. Then follow these guidelines:

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone then tap the + icon;
  • Tap your Maryland ID;
  • Scan the front of the ID and then the back;
  • Confirm you are you by using the front camera;
  • Take a photo them send it to Maryland’s MVA.

After MVA verifies the information, you can start using your Digital ID at selected TSA checkpoints.


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