iPhone SOS credited with saving woman during assault attempt

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What occurred?

Kelli Worst was leaving the beach after a night with friends when she was approached by a guy who requested her assistance in locating his iPhone.

It was 2:00 a.m., and she was going to get in her Lyft and drive home. She asked her Lyft driver to wait, thinking it would be a simple favor.

Worst told Wavy, “He claimed he was in the military and not from here, and I instantly thought of my brother, who is in the military.

I believed he’d have to report someplace in the morning, I reasoned. If he doesn’t get there, he’ll be in big danger. I simply felt sorry for him and wanted to help him, and when he informed me he was in the military, I felt comfortable. “

Worst contacted his iPhone many times to check if they could hear a ring. When she went to utilize Find My, it said the number was invalid, which raised suspicions.

She handed him her iPhone, thinking she had put the number incorrectly. He began making sexual overtures to her at this point.

“I turned around and moved away, maybe about five steps away from him,” she said Wavy, “and that’s when he ran up to me and covered my mouth and nose, slammed me to the ground, and had me trapped face down on the sand.”

Worst used her iPhone for assistance while attempting to flee. She pressed and held the side and volume buttons while swiping across to activate the SOS option. 911 was able to hear all that happened after that.

Fortunately, authorities came promptly to the scene, and the suspect continued to flee.

“Having my phone in my hand and understanding how to use the SOS feature saved my life,” she continued.


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