iOS 16 brings new Memoji customization with 17 new hairstyles, more

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Apple is introducing even more Memoji personalization with iOS 16. Over 40 additional outfits and accessibility choices were introduced by the corporation last year.

This time, Apple is making Memoji more fashionable with new haircuts, sticker postures, and other features. With the public beta of iOS 16 now available, see what you can accomplish with Memoji on this operating system.

Memoji has been a huge success since Apple first announced it during the iPhone X event. Memoji, which uses the TrueDepth sensor to react to your face, has earned a lot of attention over the years.

Many people, including Apple, have used this function to produce amusing karaokes. This function has grown in popularity after the business developed Memoji Sticker, making it available to all iPhone users.

Every year, Apple adds a new layer of customization: tongue support, new accessibility features, spectacles, and so on. With iOS 16, you may customize your Memoji avatar in a variety of ways.

Here’s everything new with it:

  • More sticker poses: Memoji stickers on iOS 16 include six new poses;
  • Hairstyles: Choose from 17 new and updated hairstyles, including new curly styles, updates to high curl styles, box braids, and boxer braids;
  • Noses: Choose from more nose options when you customize your Memoji;
  • More headwear: Style your Memoji with a bonnet;
  • More neutral lip colors: Customize your Memoji on iOS 16 with more options for neutral lip color.

iOS 16 brings new Memoji customization with 17 new hairstyles, more

Furthermore, all Memoji stickers may be used as contact images, and three additional contact sticker postures are available.

Are you looking forward to further customizing your Memoji avatar in iOS 16? Please share your opinions in the space below.


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