iOS 16.1 to feature ‘Satellite Connection Demo’ for iPhone 14 users

As you may be aware, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro may communicate with emergency services through satellite.

Although this functionality will not be accessible until November, Apple has been preparing to deploy it with iOS 16.1 – which will also offer a “Satellite Link Demo” so customers may test the satellite connection without phoning emergency services.

Satellite Emergency Alert

The firm issued iOS 16.1 beta 3 to developers on Tuesday. 9to5Mac discovered that Apple has introduced various functions (yet to be activated) linked to satellite communication for iPhone 14 models by studying the internal files of today’s update.

It’s unclear if Emergency SOS by Satellite will be accessible with iOS 16.1 at this time, as the update is slated to be distributed to the public in October, while Apple claims the satellite capabilities will be available in November.

However, iOS 16.1 beta 3 discloses something previously unknown: a “Satellite Connection Demo” capability.

Users will be able to witness how Emergency SOS by Satellite works without having to travel to a distant location with no Wi-Fi or cellphone coverage.

The code obtained by 9to5Mac shows that the sample feature would function similarly to Emergency SOS via Satellite and that it will also train users on how to utilize it in a real-life circumstances.

Once accessible, the Satellite Connection Demo may be accessed at any time via the Emergency SOS option inside the Settings app. To find the satellite connection, users must be outside with a good view of the sky.

Try Satellite Connection Demo. Learn how to connect to a satellite in an emergency. You can always go to Settings > Emergency SOS to try the demo.

When you use the demo option, the iPhone will not summon emergency services after connecting to the satellite.

This is critical so that individuals do not call these services for the sake of amusement or curiosity. It’s worth mentioning that Emergency SOS via Satellite sends a text message to emergency services or a relay center with the device’s location.



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