Instagram is now working on new search that looks like TikTok

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Instagram has announced a new search system that will display suggestions for photos and videos rather than just user accounts, hashtags and places. This feature is still in development and will allow users to find new posts that match their search criteria. It is similar to what TikTok offers.

The company’s blog, via The Verge, shared the upcoming changes to Instagram’s search system. It explains how search works currently and how Instagram plans to improve it. You will currently only see related hashtags or profiles when you search Instagram for something. However, no photos or videos are displayed.

Instagram wants to display photos and videos that show what you are looking for. This will allow users to discover new content that may be of interest to them. The company also shared a screenshot showing how Instagram’s new search works, which you can see in this article’s featured image.

Search results for exploration are also improved. Searches for “space” will also show you photos and videos that are related to space. This is particularly useful if you don’t know the exact hashtag or username to use when searching for a topic.

This is how TikTok searches work. You don’t need to search for specific users. TikTok allows users to search for any subject and will display related videos. It’s not surprising that Instagram followed the same path as TiKTok, which has made TiKTok more popular.

The company says that the new search will first be available for English searches.


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