Instagram announces Subscriptions feature to increase creators’ revenue

Instagram Subscriptions is getting yet another feature to help creators gain money while also making the app more appealing than its current competition TikTok. This is what’s new.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, unveiled Instagram Subscriptions this morning. According to him, creators will have a location on their profiles for subscriber-only content, will upload special Reels for subscribers, and will share feed posts that only subscribers will have access to.

Instagram has been reported to offer subscriptions for quite some time. Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, had hinted that the corporation was working on Exclusive Stories.

According to Instagram, Instagram Subscriptions will enable artists to monetize and connect with their most engaged followers by providing unique content and experiences.

Since the original alpha test in January, tens of thousands of creators in the United States have gained access to Instagram Subscriptions.

Here are its top three characteristics:

Subscribers chats:

  • Subscriber chats, powered by Messenger, can be created directly from a creator’s inbox or story, and end automatically after 24 hours, so creators can maintain balance and decide when and how to engage with subscribers;
  • Subscriber chats can support up to 30 people, so creators can connect with subscribers at the moment and bring them together.

Exclusive posts and Reels:

  • Content that lives on creators’ profiles is an important way to attract new subscribers and retain the community. Instagram is introducing exclusive content as posts or Reels, so subscribers can engage in the comments and come back to enjoy the content you’ve created for them.

Exclusive tab on profile:

  • The exclusive tab on the user’s profile is the destination for all things Subscriptions, from exclusive content, saving their subscriber-only Lives, to sharing exclusive feed posts and reels

How do you feel about Instagram Subscriptions? Is there any creator you’d like to subscribe to? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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