In Loving Memory of Willow Dean Kearse– was she Brian Tyree Henry’s mom??? (spoilers for Woods)

Introduction to Willow Dean Kearse

In the realm of television and film, it’s not uncommon for actors to form deep bonds with the characters they portray. But what happens when those characters are inspired by real-life individuals who have had a profound impact on the actors themselves?

Enter Willow Dean Kearse, a woman whose life and legacy have touched the heart of one of today’s most talented actors, Brian Tyree Henry.

Who was Willow Dean Kearse?

Early life and background

Willow Dean Kearse, born on August 9, 1947, was an African-American actress with a career spanning several decades. Although not a household name, she made her mark in the industry with her undeniable talent and dedication to her craft.

Acting career

Kearse’s acting career began in the 1970s with various stage productions, eventually transitioning to television and film. She appeared in numerous shows and movies, such as “Law & Order,” “As the World Turns,” and “The Cotton Club.”

Her dedication to her craft was evident, and her ability to captivate audiences was undeniable.


Brian Tyree Henry’s connection to Willow Dean Kearse

Henry’s rise to fame

Brian Tyree Henry, born March 31, 1982, is an accomplished actor best known for his role as Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles on the hit television series “Atlanta.”

His career took off after his captivating portrayal of Paper Boi, earning him critical acclaim and several award nominations.

Henry’s role in “Atlanta”

“Atlanta,” created by Donald Glover, is a series that tells the story of two cousins navigating the Atlanta rap scene. Brian Tyree Henry’s character, Paper Boi, is an up-and-coming rapper trying to balance fame with his personal life. T

he show has received widespread praise for its unique storytelling and exploration of various themes, including race, fame, and family.


Woods: The “Atlanta” episode that pays tribute to Willow Dean Kearse

Episode summary

In season two, episode eight of “Atlanta,” titled “Woods,” we see Paper Boi embark on a surreal and emotional journey.

After a series of unfortunate events, he finds himself lost in the woods, where he encounters an enigmatic woman named Wanda, portrayed by none other than Willow Dean


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