In an interview, Apple’s privacy head discusses backdoors in iOS, GDPR, and more

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For a long time, Apple has prioritized privacy, and every year the firm unveils new methods to make its gadgets even more secure.

Jane Horvath, Apple’s chief privacy officer, was interviewed by ELLE magazine this week about backdoors in iOS, GDPR, and other topics.

Hovarth’s career

Hovarth started her career as a programmer for a federal contractor before joining Apple, and she has a degree in computer science. But, because to her goals, she proceeded to law school and was hired as one of AOL’s youngest lawyers in 1995.

Hovarth then focused on privacy policy and worked for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) until 2007, when she joined Google as Global Privacy Counsel.

According to the executive, she received “a really nice introduction to the digital world” there. Horvath wasn’t employed by Apple until 2011, despite the fact that it had long been her “dream job.

Apple’s business strategy, according to the executive, is distinct from that of other tech businesses. During her first meeting to discuss what data engineers can acquire from a device, she learned from a colleague that, while the data they collected might be used to identify someone, they didn’t want to.

A colleague said to me, We might be able to string this data together to all of the other data we’re collecting and somehow identify someone, and we don’t want to do that.” I thought, Wow, I have arrived at a place that really, really protects privacy.


Backdoors in iOS

Backdoors in iOSAfter authorities found an iPhone 5C from one of the shooters in the San Bernardino case in December 2015, the FBI urged Apple to find a technique to unlock iOS devices without the users’ passwords.

Apple, on the other hand, has consistently rebuffed the request, prompting the FBI to collaborate with another security firm on a brute force unlocking method for iOS.

Apple’s privacy head, who was involved in the case’s negotiations, claimed the firm would have unlocked one iPhone if it didn’t affect “every other phone. Creating a backdoor for that one situation, however, would result in a security breach that would affect all consumers.

According to Horvath, Apple has refused to produce an iOS version that “would’ve practically rendered every other phone susceptible.


GPDR and online privacy

GPDR and online privacyPrivacy is more vital than ever in a world where everything is connected online. Even though some individuals feel that “privacy doesn’t matter,” they can be harmed by data breaches and ransomware. Horvath believes that security and privacy are inextricably linked.

When discussing internet adverts, the chief expresses concern about the quantity of information that such content acquires from consumers.

She claims that Apple has been attempting to raise user awareness of the issue with notifications and alternatives, allowing them to choose whether or not they wish to be monitored.

Take a pause when one of those boxes come up, and read a little bit about what it’s saying. Also, go back and look at the choices you’ve made, because even I, in the heat of just wanting something, make certain choices. That, and always think before you post. Data gets out there, and it’s very hard to bring it back.

Horvath compares iOS’ privacy features to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union statute that establishes user data protection as a human right.

Apple’s gadgets, according to the executive allow users “the same user rights as Europeans, regardless of where they sit.

Wrap up

The interview also talks about Horvath’s work and some of the tips she gives to help consumers protect their online privacy.

The full interview can be found in the story.


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