How to get the latest firmware update for AirTag

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AirTag will receive a firmware update on Thursday. You’ll likely want it. However, it turns out that updating Apple’s item tracker software is both simple and difficult. Although you don’t need to jump through hoops, you do not have complete control.

Here are the steps.

It’s a mystery update

The previous AirTag firmware version was 1.0.276. But there’s reportedly a new version out:1.0.291 with build number 1A291a.

Apple does not make these release notes public, so it is impossible to see what has changed. They are not even announced.

Step 1: Be patient

An AirTag cannot be manually updated. You can only place the tracker next to the iPhone you’re paired with and then wait.

This is how AirTags work for luggage in storage. To install the latest firmware, you will need to keep them close to your iPhone. You don’t have to be in the same place as your iPhone. It’s not enough to be close.How to get the latest firmware update for AirTag

These accessories were released by Apple recently. No one knows if there is a way to get the latest firmware faster. It’s not likely.

Users of the AirPods headphones have to be patient. The accessories receive software updates in the same manner as regular ones: place them near an iPhone, wait, and update. No one knows of any trick to speed up this process.

It shouldn’t take too long. The Cult Of Mac experience shows that the update takes less than 15 minutes.

How to check if your AirTag is up-to-date with firmware updates

AirTag users will be able to find out if their firmware is the most recent at least quickly.

  1. Then, open The Find MyApplication on an iPhone/iPad and go to items tab.
  2. Tap on the AirTag to activate list of Items.
  3. Here’s where the fun part begins: Tap the battery icon for the AirTag. This will display the serial number of your AirTag and the firmware version.

Apple’s tracker debuted running version 1.0.225. As discussed, the previous update was to 1.0.276. And it included a change to the audible alarm put in place to make AirTags harder to use to stalk people.

However, if your AirTag runs version 1.0.225, it is time to update.


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