Group phone calls with up to 32 people are now supported on iOS with reactions on the way

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The latest version of WhatsApp for iOS includes a feature the company hinted at a week ago. Users will be able to engage in 32-person group voice calls as of right now. Check out what’s new in this version.

WhatsApp is preparing a slew of new features over the coming months, including reactions, greater file size limitations, a community feature, and more.

Users will be able to participate in group phone calls with up to 32 participants when the app is updated to version 22.8.80.

Waveforms and speaker highlights are among the new additions to the redesigned UI.

The voice message bubbles and contact and group info screens have been modified as well in this latest version of WhatsApp for iOS.

Another change has been made to how your favorite items are found in the gallery.

To be clear, all of these functions are already available in the app, but the rollout to all users may take a few more weeks, as is customary with WhatsApp and new features.

Additionally, WABetaInfo just revealed that the developers are working on bringing Reactions 2.0 to the desktop version of the application.

In the future, users will be able to respond with any emoji they want.

Finally, WhatsApp continues to work on the ability to remove the expiration date of a vanishing message. It’s explained by WABetaInfo:

When you keep a message it won’t disappear from the chat after its expiration, but anyone can un-keep it in the case they don’t agree to keep the message in the chat after the expiration.

If a message is kept, it means it was a disappearing message converted to a normal message to avoid the expiration. When someone tries to un-keep a message, the message will be immediately deleted for everyone and it disappears from the chat.


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