Grab your blaster: Lego Star Wars Battles shoots toward Apple Arcade

Prepare for Chewbacca’s battle against Boba Fett. Perhaps an Ewok will fight with a Tusken Raider. Yoda can fight Darth Vader. This will all be possible in Lego Star Wars Battles which is coming soon to Apple Arcade.

It will offer strategic tower defense combat in real-time.

Lego Star Wars Battles Sci-fi tower defense

TT Games, the developer of the game, claims players will be able to “lead your favorite Lego Star Wars characters into real-time, multiplayer PvP combats in arenas inspired from iconic locations throughout the galaxy!”

To build towers on the battlefield, use Lego bricks. Collect characters and vehicles to defend them or capture theirs.

Lego Star Wars Battles characters have unique abilities such as Vader’s Force Slam or Luke Skywalker’s Force Push. There are also options for vehicles of all eras, including AT-ATs and X-wings.

The game is intended for one to two players. There will be versions for iPhone and Mac as well as iPad, iPad, and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade – “Coming Soon”

Learn more about Lego Star Wars Battles on the App Store. A release date is the most important piece of information that’s not available. We know that the release date is coming soon.

Nevertheless, this is a significant improvement. Recently it was thought that the game had been cancelled. Instead, the game made the leap to Apple’s gaming platform.

It will cost $4.99 per month to play it. This subscription also grants you access to more than 200 games. This includes Lego Builder’s Adventure and Lego Brawls.

The Apple Arcade may be with you.



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