For his misplaced luggage, this man utilizes AirTags and PowerPoint presentation


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There has been a slew of interesting anecdotes about AirTag since it was first announced by Apple last year.

AirTags and a PowerPoint presentation were utilized again this time by a man who misplaced his luggage while on a wedding trip to ask the airline for his belongings back.

On April 17, Elliot Sharod and his bride Helen were scheduled to return to the United Kingdom following their wedding in South Africa.

As a result of the epidemic, the couple had to rearrange their journey from Abu Dhabi to Frankfurt using a new route. While they made it back to the United Kingdom, they were unable to take their bags with them.

To help him locate the bags, Sharod inserted an AirTag inside each one. The Find My app helped the couple find out that their luggage was never loaded on the plane from Frankfurt to London.

The suitcases will be sent to Sharod’s house, according to Aer Lingus, the airline that flew him there. Only two of the three bags were delivered the following night.

Sharod took to Twitter after failing to receive a response from Aer Lingus despite numerous phone calls and emails, but that didn’t appear to be enough. This is when Sharod tried a new approach: he shared videos and even produced a PowerPoint presentation with screenshots from the Find My bag app showing where his missing bag was. This is how he found it:

It hasn’t moved since April 21, he said, and the bag was found in two locations in Pimlico, CNN said. Sharod called the police after the airline couldn’t find his bag.


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