First look: How reactions in WhatsApp for iOS will work


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We now have a closer view of WhatsApp’s reactions to the messenger app. It has been almost two weeks since WABetainfo discovered it.

Reactions on WhatsApp are still in development. This means that not even beta testers have yet to try them out. WABetaInfo says that this approach is different than iMessage’s. It’s similar to Instagram’s, and you can use any emoji as a response to a message.

A second important point to remember is that reactions don’t always remain anonymous. People will be able to see who has reacted with which emoji in group chats.

The image below shows seven reactions. It is likely that the most recent or most frequently used reaction appears first.First look: How reactions in WhatsApp for iOS will work

WABetaInfo reports that this feature is currently being tested on Android and iOS devices. Last time we reported the feature, WhatsApp only enabled a message when someone replies to one of your messages. You were using a previous version of WhatsApp.

“You have received a response. To see the reactions .”

Not only that, over the past few weeks, WhatsApp has been working on multi-device support 2.0, which will bring an iPad app and let users connect to the app even without an internet connection with their phones or with it off.

The company also launched its public beta test for WhatsApp for Desktop. The latest update includes a new voice messaging experience. You can now see and hear the waveforms while you speak, before you send it.


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